Hernia :: Inguinal hernia – Lycopodium

I had heard about the cure of Inguinal Hernia by some homoeopaths but did not believe. A child age 2 months was brought with swelling in the right side of lower abdomen. On examination it was found to be a case of Inguinal hernia.

The child was earlier taken to General Hospital, Ajmer where the same diagnosis was made. I was doubtful of the cure by medicines but told the parents that I would try. Since the swelling was on the right side and there was no other guide to remedy I decided to prescribe Lycopodium 30 3 doses on 18.5.65. The result was the following.

20.5.65. No swelling appeared at any time between this period. The medicine was repeated.

22.5.65. The grandmother of the child complained of the constipation. 3 doses of opium 200 were given on 22.5.65.

The swelling did not occur after the treatment was started. The mother continued coming at the interval of 2 days till 4.5.65. The child was given 2 doses of Lycopodium 30 daily till this date.

The child is brought to me occasionally for some other ailments and every time I ask the mother about the swelling so long it has not appeared. I hope other physicians might have had more occasions to use Lycopodium for such conditions. In this regard I quote Dr. H.C. Allen (page 171 of his Keynotes) “Hernia : right sided, has cured many cases especially in children.”

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