Ovarian Cancer :: CA Ovary – Natrum mur.

A 57yrs. old lady, diagnosed as having ovarian tumour had been given one course of chemotherapy that had further deteriorated her condition by inducing vomiting and weight loss.

After 15 days of much suffering, I was called upon for treatment. When I went to visit her, I found the patient as well as her family members gloomy and depressed, as if awaiting the patient’s death.
The lady had not stepped out of her room for days. She complained of frequent vomiting, ulcer in mouth and oedema of feet. On detailed enquiry, the patient revealed that she had three daughters. When the last baby girl had been born, she had become very much disappointed that she did not have a son. Mild oedema of feet had remained since this last delivery. Then she had suffered another setback, though much later. In 1990 after her eldest daughter’s marriage , her son-in-law had died in an accident. Her health had slowly deteriorated since then.

At present, there is loss of appetite, loose stool, and thirstlessness. She has a liking for cold and salty. There is aversion for sour and sunlight. A painful and distended abdomen with a strange gushing sensation. She is sympathetic, liked loneliness and quiet. She had easy anger that was usually expressed.

I prescribed her Natrum mur. 0/1 from third cup, to be taken 3 hourly, due to her history of grief, desire for salt and loneliness and aversion for sunlight.

Within 15 days, weight loss stopped and she became noticeably cheerful and came out of her room. All her family members were amazed and decided not to give her a second course of chemotherapy, but to give her homoeopathic treatment only.

Medicine was continued. Few days later, she herself came to my clinic for consultation. Swelling and pain in abdomen was now much reduced. Medicine was repeated. At present she is in much better health and still under my care.

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