Diarrhea :: Chronic Diarrhoea – Palladium

A male patient aged 70yrs. presented with complaint of diarrhoea since 25yrs. The frequency of passing stools was 4-5 times in a day. He also complained of weakness. He had been taking allopathic treatment for all these years.

He was a literary person and used to write articles for a magazine. He wanted to pursue this line but had to join Accounts because of his father’s pressure.

He took a job but continued to write articles. He is associated with a sect and writes articles for its periodical and is also its editor.

He has won many accolades for his work. But still he feels that he has not received the due appreciation. He gave me the periodical in which he had written his latest article in praise of his Guru, to read. I was so surprised after reading the article , that instead of unconditional praise of his Guru ,the article was interspersed/impregnated with praises of his own indirectly.

Based on this want of approbation and the weakness, Palladium 30, 1 dose was given.
He reported back with only slight relief. Palladium 200, 1 dose was given.

There was improvement in the frequency of stools and he was feeling better overall.

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