Homeopathic Medicine :: Lycopodium – Club Moss.

Indicated in deep-seated, chronic diseases, especially of persons who are weak muscularly, but have a keen, active brain; who are subject to digestive disturbances with much flatulency; catarrhal conditions; hepatic involvements, with tenderness and stitches in the liver, swallow complexion, yellowish sports on the abdomen; dropsy dependent upon disease of the liver; uric acid diathesis; tonsilitis; diphtheria; chronic pneumonia, especially of old people; indigestion, with flatulency and colic, of babies.

Fan-like motion of alae-nasi.

After eating, even very little, sense of repletion and epigastric fulness; cannot eat more because he is ?so full.?

Ulcers under the tongue, near the fraenum.

Pains begin in the right side, spreading to the left (throat, chest, abdomen, ovaries); preference for the right side.

Tongue, when protruded, sways from side to side, like a pendulum.

Sensation of coldness in inner parts.

Deep furrow on the forehead, making face look aged.

Sore throat, with stitching pain when swallowing, better from warm drinks; ulceration of right tonsil.

Cough deep, hollow, with rattling of mucus, copious expectoration of mucus or of gray, purulent matter of salty taste.

Sour taste of everything; heartburn; waterbrash; sour vomiting.

Aversion to bread.

Canine hunger; eating does not satisfy; headache if he does not eat when he feels like it.

Sense of hunger awakens him at night.

Excessive accumulation of flatulence in stomach and bowels (right hypochondriac region), with loud rumbling in the bowels; not relieved by belching.

Diarrhoea of thin, yellow stools, with much flatulency.

Constipation of hard, lumpy stools, with feeling after stool as though the evacuation had been incomplete. Intestinal flatulency.

Inclination to stool; at stool, spasmodic pain or constriction at anus, making the evacuation difficult.

Before urinating, intense pain in the back; red sand in the urine.

Child cries before urinating; napkin stained yellowish or reddish; sand in the napkin.

Leucorrhoea blood-red in spells, with cutting pains across the body, from right to left.

Worse from 4 to 8 p. m.; from cold food and drinks; from starchy food.

Better from warm food and drinks; from escape of flatus; from loosening garments.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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