A unique aspect of Nux vomica personality

You may find across this picture in some patient at your clinic – A patient who has wandering, senseless, abundant, insane thoughts and ideas in evening in bed, like sudden desire to throw child into fire, killing with a knife, etc.; who has a habit of making slanderous statements about others – engaged in defamation … Read more

Ayahuasca by Dr Jawahar Shah

Ayahuasca is a wonderful remedy which can produce the effect as good as that achieved after undergoing long traumatizing sessions of intense psychotherapy. It can be employed as a very important intercurrent remedy or as an opening prescription which opens up the inner feelings of the patient. Every Homeopathic physician should know use this remedy … Read more

Homeopathic Medicine :: MAGNESIA MUR.

1. – Constipation; stools hard and knotty like sheep’s dung, or crumbling as if burnt, especially in puny, rachitic children, with enlarged abdomen, or in infants during. dentition.

Homeopathic Medicine :: BROMINE

1. – Fluent coryza, with sneezing; long continued and obstinate; corrosive soreness under the nose and on margins of nostrils.

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