Myths have to be removed in diabetics

Few myths are closely linked with diabetes such as excessive intake of sweets may cause diabetes; sugar or sweetness should be treated as poison in case of Diabetes mellitus.

Homoeopathy Myths and Facts

Homoeopathy is a scientific system of medicine based on the discovery that a substance can cure the same problems it can cause, usually by varying the dosage of that substance.

Migraine :: Bryonia for Migraines

Q: I?ve taken on a new responsibility at work, which I wanted, but the extra stress is giving me migraines. I can?t function at work but I can?t leave either. I just want to lie down in a dark quiet place. Can you suggest something?

Renal Failure :: Renal Failure with Diabetes Mellitus – Carcinosin

Once I was called upon to treat an elderly man, aged about 70 years, suffering from CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE with DIABETES MELLITUS. On account of his ill health, he requested me to pay home visit. On entering his house, I found and admired the absolute orderliness in which the things were placed in his house. Minutest care had been taken to place the things and hence his FASTIDIOUSNESS immediately struck me.

Taking the bite out of bitterness

In order to take a bitter medicine, one needs something sweet, like sugar, to swallow it. This may no longer be the case in the future, thanks to natural compounds that block the taste of bitter substances.

Birth of Nature Cure and Its Beliefs Starts at Home!

In the beginning of the earth, the home remedy is the first cure in the history of Medicine, which started with grass, fruits, nuts, leaves, and other medicinal plants and trees. Most of the places the cure starts from the parents to the children or the traditional healer of the village, where the people have the belief. Many home remedies have great values in common. Like the modern, in home remedies also there is harmful or risky in its effects. So to do no harm to your body, use home remedies, if you are sure they are safe and know exactly how to use them. So, always to follow a better Herbalists in your area.

Ill-effects of fruits and fruit juices

While fruit juice is recommended food, it can upset the stomach of some kids. This is true especially in cases of juices with high amounts of a sugar alcohol called sorbitol. Some children are unable to digest sorbitol, which leads to a bout of diarrhoea.

Study sets dietary sugar limit

People should get no more than 10 per cent of their calories from sugar, experts say in a new report on how to stem the global epidemic of obesity linked diseases.

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