Birth of Nature Cure and Its Beliefs Starts at Home!

In the beginning of the earth, the home remedy is the first cure in the history of Medicine, which started with grass, fruits, nuts, leaves, and other medicinal plants and trees. Most of the places the cure starts from the parents to the children or the traditional healer of the village, where the people have the belief. Many home remedies have great values in common. Like the modern, in home remedies also there is harmful or risky in its effects. So to do no harm to your body, use home remedies, if you are sure they are safe and know exactly how to use them. So, always to follow a better Herbalists in your area.

How Home Cure Useful?
For many sicknesses, time-tested home remedies work as well as modern medicines or even better. They are often cheaper and safe in most of all cases. For example, many of the herbals like tulasi, and Natural Spices, is much useful for ordinary cough, common cold, etc.. and they are in safe side than the chemical cough syrups, and strong antibiotics doctors prescribe. Also, the rice water, teas, sweetened natural drinks that many mothers give to babies with diarrhea are often safer and do more good than any modern medicines. Mothers were very intelligence to prepare Home Mix Re-hydration Drinks with the contents of salt, sugar and water for the severely affected the diarrhea children. So, it confirm the word Mother is meant as a quality or a condition that gives raise to another (Mother of Invention), says the Oxford Dictionary.

Not many years ago, everyone thought that mothers milk was the best food for a young baby. They were right! Then big companies that make canned and artificial milk began to tell mothers that bottle-feeding was better. This is not true, but many mothers believed them and started to bottle feed their babies. Consequently, thousands of babies have suffered and died needlessly from infection or hunger. So, it is making point to everyone to Respect your peoples Traditions and build on them

The Word Believe or Faith – How it acts with Illness?
The healing power of the sickness, mostly depends upon the individuals, who select the remedy and its believe on it, whether it may be medicine or any simple herbals or the fasting or the faith of God with the religion. Many traditional healing are works in this ways only mostly. They help largely because people have faith on them. For this reason, they are especially useful to cure illness that are partly in people?s minds or those caused in part by a person?s beliefs, worry, or fears etc..

Such types of some sickness are as follows-
* Unreasonable matters like hysterical fear.
* Uncertain aches and pains with certain stress.
* Anxiety or Nervous worries.
* Some cases in Asthma. Indigestion, Stomach Ulcers, Migraine Headaches, etc..
* For all these problems, the manner or touch of the healer or his kind words can be very important.

Believe That can make People Sick Aslo- In other Hand?
The traditional healing or the power of belief can help heal people. Nevertheless, the same time it can harm them also. If a person believes strongly enough that something will hurt him, his own fear can make him also sick.

Mostly, the females fell in sickness of their soft mind that usually makes them to believe anything very easily, whether it is true or false. In the same way, many persons go on believing false ideas about witchcraft, injections, diet, and many other things. If the person believes strongly, enough that someone has the power to harm him, he may actually become ill. Anyone who believes he is bewitched or has been given the evil eye is really the victim of his own fears. A ?witch? has no power over other people, except for the individuals ability to make them believe that one has, and the result is sufferings, in total. Many things do harm only because people believe they are harmful. The understanding and the freedom from fear are the major role to be in good Health and to overcome the devils action strong mind is necessary.

The Role of Medicinal Plants in Home!
Many plants and its ingredients like fruits, leaves, have curative powers. The real success of Modern Medicine is purely in the basement of wild Herbs. Nevertheless, not all ?curative herbs? people use has medicinal value and those that have are sometimes used the wrong way. In some medicinal plants have also poison, which may cause death like roots, Datura Arborea( Angel?s Trumpet). So it is very necessary to handle all herbs in appropriate level in use. Therefore, always it is better to consult a Herbalist or the Naturopathic Medical Practitioner to do the treatment for the safe cure. Let us see some ordinary medicinal plants and its values here.

* Garlic:
A drink made from garlic can often get ride of pin-warms, for vaginal discharges, and the modern medical practice says that helps to cure the hyper-cholestrolemia also. It can take by chopping finely or crushing at least four of cloves garlic and mix with one glass of liquid like water, juice or with milk, for three days regularly.

* Cardon Cactus:
Cactus Juice ( pachycerius pectin- abnriginum) can be used to clean wounds when there is no boiled water and no way to get any. Cardon Cactus also stops a bleeding from the wound. Cut a piece of the cactus with a clean knife and press it firmly against the wound. When the bleeding is under control, tie a piece of the cactus to the wound with a strip of cloth. After two or three hours, take off the cactus and clean the wound with boiled water.

* Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera ( Sabila) can be used to treat minor burns and wounds. The thick, slimy juice inside the plant calms pain and itching, aids healing, and helps prevent infection. Cut off a piece of the plant, peels back the outer layer, and apply the fleshy leaf or juice directly to the burn or wound. Aloe Vera can also help treat stomach ulcers and gastritis. Chop the spongy leaves in to small pieces, soak them in water overnight, and then drink one glass of the slimy, bitter liquid every two hours.

* Papaya:
Ripe Papaya is rich in vitamins and aid digestion. Eating them is specially helpful to weak or old people who complain of upset stomach when they eat meat, chicken or eggs. Papayas make these hard foods become easier to get digest.

Papayas also get ride of intestinal warms. Collect three of four teaspoon full of the milk that comes out when the green fruit or trunk of tree is cut. Mix with an equal amount of sugar or honey and stir it into a cup of hot water. If possible drink along with a laxatives. Alternatively, dry and crush to a powder the papaya seeds. Take three teaspoon mixed with one glass of some honey three times a day for seven days.

Papaya ca also is used for treating pressure sores. The fruit contains chemicals that help soften and make dead flesh easier to remove. First clean and wash out a pressure sore that has dead flesh in it. The soak a sterile cloth or gauze with ?milk? from the trunk or green fruit of a papaya plant and pack this into the sore. Repeat cleaning and re-packing three times a day.

* Corn Silk:
A tea made from corn silk (the tassels, which found in the tip of maize) makes a person pass more urine. His can help reduce swelling of the feet- especially in pregnant women. Boil large handful of corn silk in water and drink one to two glasses daily. It is not dangerous for health.

Traditional Bone- setters:
When bone broken, the most important thing to do is keep the bone in a fixed position. This prevents further damage and lets it mend. For example, to set the broken wrist-
* Pull the hand with a slow, ready force for 5 to 10 minutes, increasing the force, to separate the bones.
* With one person still pulling the hand, have another gently line up and straighten the bones. While doing this should don?t jerk or force the broken place. Always it should perform with a experienced person.
* Don?t put the cast directly against the skin. Wrap the arm or leg in a soft cloth and follow with a layer of cotton.
* Finally, put on the wet cloth strips so that they form a cast that is below the break, to keep the broken bones from moving. The cast should cover almost the whole arm (if the fracture happened in hand) and leave the fingertips uncovered.

In India, traditional bonesetters make casts using a mixture of egg white and herbs instead of syrup made from plant juices like Tepeguuaje (a tree of beans family). However, traditional bonesetters use a short cast on a simple break of the arm saying that a little movement of the bone ends speeds healing. Recent scientific studies have proven this true. A temporary leg or arm splint can be made of cardboard, folded papers, or a thick cured stem of dried banana leaf or palm leaf. It is always to note that the cast shouldn?t be very tight when you put on it, the broken limb may swell up later. If the person complains that the cast is too tight or if his fingers or toes become cold, white, or blue, take, the cast off and put on a new looser one. Also never, put on a cast over a cut or wound. The worse the break or the person, the longer healing takes place. Children?s bones mend rapidly, Those of old people sometimes never join. A broken arm should be kept in a cast for about a month, and no force put on it for another month. A broken leg should remain in a cast for about two month.

Conclusions & Discussion:

The role of home remedies is the essential point of working for the good health and it is the preventive method for all the illness, where it starts from the Home only. One of the most important parts of preventive care is to educate the people in home, then community, likewise it has to improve to the entire world. A few medicines are needed for life saving, where as most of all sickness no medicine is needed. The body itself can usually fight off sickness with rest, good food, drinking lots of liquid, and perhaps some home remedies to develop the self-immunity. When some one sick in the home or in your area the one who treat the sick man must posses the following characters-

* Be Kind – A friendly (loving) word, a smile, a hand on the shoulder, or some other sign of caring often means more than anything else you can do.

* Treat others as your equals- Even when you are hurried or worried, try to remember the feelings and needs of others. Often it helps to ask yourself, what I would do if this were a member of my own family

* Treat the sick as people- Be especially kind to those who are very sick or dying. Kindness often helps more than medicine. Never be afraid to show you care.

* Share Your Knowledge- it is always appreciable to teach the fact about prevention of diseases, taking care about the sickness, sensible to use of home remedies and common medicines. In truth, most common health problems could be handled earlier and better by people in their own homes.
There are three common health problems, generally doesn?t needs medicine. They are-
The Common Cold- can be best treated by resting, drinking lots of liquids, and at the most taking asprine, pencillin, tetracyline, and other antibiotics doesn?t help at all. So instead of healing they make poison in our body.

* For minor coughs- or even more severe coughs with thick mucus or phlegm, drinking a lot of water will loosen mucus, ease the cough faster, and better than the cough syrups. Breathing warm water vapor brings even greater relief. Don?t make people dependent on cough syrup or other medicine they don?t need.

* The Diarrhea- For most diarrheas of children, medicines do not make them get well. What is most important is that the child gets lots of liquids, and enough food. The key to the child recovery is the mother, not the medicine. So the mothers must get educate by any means in their homes to serve for their children and to even save their life.

So in conclusion, now a days medicine are often used too much by both doctors and by ordinary people, which may causes the facts-

* It is wasteful. Most money sent on medicine would be better spent on foods.

* It makes people depend on something they don?t need and often can?t afford.

* Every medicine has some risk in its use. There is always a chance that an unneeded medicine may actually do the person harm.

* What is more, when some medicines are used too often for minor problems, they lose their power to fight dangerous sickness because of lower body immunity.

Remember Medicine is poisonous and it can safe you or kill you
Dr.Nelson Kochappavu, DHMS,ND,FBIH,Ph.D
Regd. Medical Practitioner in Homeo,Ayurveda, Naturopathy System of Medicines.
6/31-B, Canaan, Karinkal-629157,
Kanya Kumari Dist, Tamil Nadu, India.

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