Renal Failure :: Renal Failure with Diabetes Mellitus – Carcinosin

Once I was called upon to treat an elderly man, aged about 70 years, suffering from CHRONIC RENAL FAILURE with DIABETES MELLITUS. On account of his ill health, he requested me to pay home visit. On entering his house, I found and admired the absolute orderliness in which the things were placed in his house. Minutest care had been taken to place the things and hence his FASTIDIOUSNESS immediately struck me.

He C/o extreme weakness and lethargy with a very poor appetite. Occasional C/o cramps in the calf region especially on prolonged sitting. On careful interrogation; he revealed stressful family life since the death of his wife due to ill behaviour of his children.

He had a family H/O Diabetes Mellitus. He loved taking fruits and chocolates. He had difficulty in getting to sleep since a long time. He loved listening to music.

Taking into consideration the totality of the case; I prescribed CARCINOSIN 30/ 3 doses, 12 hourly and advised to regulate his diet with regards to his illness.

During subsequent visits; patient reported marked improvement in his appetite and sleep. Feeling of lethargy was much reduced. His Blood Urea level and Blood Sugar level too came down.

Carcinosin: Pleasure in Prescribing
From the desk of: Prof. L. M. Khan, M.D.(HOM.)
HOD, Deptt. of Organon, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Chronic Disease & Psychology,
National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, India.

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