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Myths have to be removed in diabetics

Few myths are closely linked with diabetes such as excessive intake of sweets may cause diabetes; sugar or sweetness should be treated as poison in case of Diabetes mellitus.

I found even, doctors are unaware of the facts; they usually call patient’s diabetes under control when his blood sugar level is within normal limits.

Then, what is the difference in between a normal person and a diabetic patient having normal blood sugar level.

A diabetic patient usually cannot tolerate sugar while a normal healthy individual can consume a lot of sugar.

Diabetes is a multifactor disease process which has to grow steadily where as blood sugar level could be managed by many means.

Controlled blood sugar level does not guarantee of controlled Diabetes disease. It is a syndrome (disease complex) characterized by group of symptoms and raised blood sugar level is one of them.

See a very funny thing that is being practiced in conventional medicine, that is, in case of a Diabetic patient we try to spend our whole skills to control the raised blood sugar level and ignore the other signs and symptoms of diabetes. Whereas, homeopathy pays its whole attention on all symptoms of diabetes along with raised blood sugar level also because, it has the holistic approach of treatment in any case.

While treating a patient homeopathycally it has been found that blood sugar level of a diabetic patient starts regulating itself. So we people under integrated medicine mostly allow a patient of diabetes for no restrictions of diet, even sugar. A diabetic patient treated in such a way never complains for sexual inefficiency.

I found homeopathy is the only system of medicine which can correct the diabetes itself. Patient has not to take medicines for life long.

You see a normal healthy person can consume sugar without showing signs of raised blood sugar level; patients taking classical homeopathy also can consume sugar without showing any complications, while most patients, taking other medicines (herbal, allopathy etc.) may not utilize sugar.

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