IIHP & Classical Homoeopathy spread its wings in J&K also

The day of 29th June (Sunday) 2003 will be remembered as the most auspicious day in the history of homoeopathy when first ever educative seminar on classical homoeopathy was organized in Jammu at Hotel Surya Excellency.Dr S.S.Vithal-National Vice President IIHP was the chief speaker who spoke on how to tackle acute emergencies with homoeopathy that too with single remedy single dose.Dr.Muktinder Singh (Sirhind) Joint Secty IIHP Punjab state br, Dr.JaiDev Sharma (Y.Nagar) National Executive memberIIHP,Dr.Jatinder Sharma(Jagadhari) G.Secty Haryana IIHP,Dr.Randeep Nanda(Chd) also spoke on their respective subjects (details follow).Though the total strength of institutionally qualified homoeopathic doctors is just about 130 in whole J&K still the organizers managed to attract so many delegates that too only in just a period of 17 days. Delegates not only from J&K but also from Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, HP participated.

Earlier Dr.P.S.Ranu CCH member from Punjab & Dr S. S. Vithal inaugurated the seminar by garlanding the portraits of Dr Hahnemann.Dr.Muktinder Singh, Dr.Randeep Nanda, Dr.Jaidev, Dr.Jatinder, Dr Jaswant Singh (Jagraon) also paid their tributes to the founder of homoeopathy by garlanding. After formal introduction Dr.Ranu thanked the present state Govt specially health minister for passing the homoeopathic act in assembly which was pending since 18 yrs. Now this system will get Govt patronage also as to other systems.

Dr.Vithal started his lecture by narrating the history of homoeopathy from Bhagwat Purana, Vedas, and ancient scholars like Hippocrates, Aristotle etc. He cautioned the delegates to beware of patents/polypharmacy, which are nonhomoeopathic though labeled as homoeopathic. He classified the ailments as acute, acute exacerbation of chronic and chronic. Beautifully & very simply he cleared the concept by giving the example of a tree in a storm. Cure always takes place in reaction not in action so we are to see the reaction of diff constitutions in diff situations. He narrated acute chart in details. He also showed clippings of diff cured cases on video along with their indications. Results were so marvelous and his narration was so simple that each and every delegate appreciated & learnt a lot. There was a little technical problem in LCD/multimedia (due to erratic power supply) but still it was managed. Very good/thought provoking questions were raised which were answered by the learned speaker very beautifully to the satisfaction of the questioner and audience.

After this session there was press conference where more than 30 press/media people were present. They asked diff questions from the visiting physicians which were replied by Dr.Vithal, Dr.Ranu, Dr.Muktinder Singh in a most suitable way. Dr.S.S.Vithal told to the media persons specially that homoeopathic medicines are very effective in treating mental disorders. Like the international notorious criminal Charles Sobhraj was cured with homoeopathy in Tihar jail. This system can be a boon to administration of this state fighting militancy. All this was telecasted by diff news channels and appeared in diff newspapers next day. Delecious lunch was served to all. J&K branch of Indian Institute of Homoeopathic Physicians installed and state office bearers announced.

Dr.Ripudaman Mahajan ———-President
Dr.Dushyant Kamal Dhari————G.Secty
Dr.SunilTickoo ————Fin.Secty
Dr.Deep Gupta ————Joint Secty.Remaining office bearers will be announced later after consultation with doctors of diff regions of state.

After Lunch break Dr.Muktinder Singh spoke on Miasms and discussed it in a beautiful way citing examples on multimedia/slides. Though the topic seems to be boring but his presentation made it so interesting that everybody remained spell bound. He answered the questions of the audience satisfactorily.

Now was the turn of Dr.Randeep Nanda who spoke on Case Taking & repertorisation. His presentation was also very thought provoking. Since he is the master of multimedia, his slides were interesting.

Dr.JaiDev Sharma from Yamunanagar narrated Dr Vijaykar’s chart of suppression in most simple but in a scientific way. He told not only allopathic but also homoeopathic remedies could also suppress which was new thing for the delegates. Everybody listened to his oration very carefully.

Before tea break was Dr.Jatinder Sharma’s lecture on gangrene cases cured. He showed diff cases cured with simple homoeopathic medicines like Lyco, Sulph, Puls etc given on totality basis. He said up till day 21 cases have been completely cured by him& 5 are still under treatment. Cure rate is 100%. Everybody clapped on his achievements.

Views from the audience and press were taken in written form in which most of the comments were very good to good seminar. Every body wanted more such educative interactions in future also.Dr.Ripudaman Mahajan&Dr Dushyant worked hard day and night for the success of this seminar.

COMMENTS BY FEW DELEGATES (given in writing):

Many of the delegates liked the seminar & were of the view that this should be repeated periodically say every 4 to 6 months. All of those who commented have consented to attend these type of seminars whenever held again.

Some of the comments / suggestions are :-

1. It is very helpful & interesting seminar. It is very knowledgeful for me. Ravneet kaur, 4th year BHMS, Ludhiana.

2. It is a dream come true after a long wait. I am overwhelmed and gained a lot of knowledge imparted by the doctors. Dr. R.S. Dhar. Assoc. Member IIHP.

3. This programme is helpful to all of homoeopathic doctors especially in J&K to learn how to practice with a single remedy. Dr. Mohan lal Assoc. memb IIHP.

4. The seminar should have been for a couple of days for more detailed interaction. Otherwise it is a wonderful experience. Dr. Jasbir singh.

5. A marvelous & most educative seminar in the history of J&K state but it is suggested that at least a lecture of the homoeopath of Jammu region should be allowed. Dr. Ram Lal Gupta.

6. A unique and marvelous seminar conducted in Jammu. Such like seminars would create awareness amongst the masses and are always welcome. Er. R.P. Gupta. Assoc. memb IIHP.

7. Good and educative meet. Should be organized oftenly. Lt. Col. P.D. Sharma. Udhampur

8. The Programme of seminar is very informative and suggestive of healthy measures to put the system on the right track Dr. Lekh Raj Rattan Assoc. memb IIHP.

9. Need more CME programme at J&k for spread of knowledge of homoeopathy.

10. Good beginning / let’s continue. Dr. Ranjan tuli. MF Hom

11. Excellent work done by J&K HDA. Should be repeated more often. Dr. M. Kundra. Pathankot.

12. Very good and informative seminar. However it could have been all the more educative if the learned speakers / doctors may have discussed the anamnesis of the cases presented and offered justification for the said anamnesis along with the potencies selected of the administered medicines & rationale of selecting the same. Dr. S.L. Pandoh M.D. (Path)

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