A Case of Child – Argentum Nitricum

Master A.D. of 7 years was first seen on 12/9/99. He has fair complexion, dark hair, old looking face & dark circles around eyes.

Presenting complaints:
– Recurrent sore throat since infancy.

Since infancy he has recurrent sore throat. It usually starts after he has had 2-3 chilled soft drinks, which he relishes. In the beginning he has some hoarseness and thereafter the temperature starts rising. It goes up to 102-103? f. & he has pain in the throat. He has been diagnosed as a case of tonsillitis and has been treated with antibiotics. His mother reports that when the temperature is high the child talks more than usual.

Past illnesses:
Normal milestones.
Had some pain in abdomen 3-4 months back for which a de-worming course was given.

Family illnesses:
Mother: migraine and fungal infection
Maternal grandmother:? skin disease
Maternal grandfather: D.M.
Paternal grandfather: H.T.
Sister: chronic sinusitis.

Personal history:
Student; non-vegetarian.

Appetite: normal.
Thirst: normal, chilled water
Desires: ice cream+++, lime ice+++, soft drinks+++ (Pepsi), sugar+++, salt++, pizza+, burger+, and roasted chicken+.
Aversion: bitter things
Bowels: normal
Urine: normal
Sleep: normal, occasional salivation during sleep.
Dreams: none marked
Perspiration: normal;? more on scalp
Thermal reaction: normal

Mother reported that he is very restless keeps on moving around. He is always in a hurry. In the morning he wants to reach bus stop much before time as he says he should not miss the bus. He always finishes his work first and only then goes to play. He is very intelligent.

On examination:
Tongue: dry and flabby
Throat: tonsils enlarged but no congestion seen.
Lymph nodes: palpable

The hurried behavior of the child was apparent in the clinic also as he kept on telling his mother to hurry and take the medicines. On being scolded by his mother that the movie show which they had to attend was over 2 hours away. He still insisted on leaving right away. Pointing towards this behavior his mother said he is always in a hurry like this. Along with this behavior I got a strong craving for sugar, salt and ice creams in the case. Thus Argentum nitricum was selected as the remedy.

Argentum nitricum 12 unit dose
Plac. 2pills T.D.S.

Follow up:
Has not had any attack of sore throat in last one month.
Brownish warts appearing on left neck and shoulder after the medicine was started. On being asked whether he had such warts before also, his mother replied in negative. But she said that his father had warts at exactly the same place 8-9 years back that is before he was conceived. His father had got them cut.
(Interpretation- the warts, which have been suppressed in the father, have now appeared in the son).
On examination:
Throat- no congestion; tonsils not enlarged.
Lymph nodes- not palpable.
Argentum nitricum 12? unit dose
Plac. 2pills T.D.S.

Has had too many cold drinks yesterday & thus feeling feverish.
Voice slightly hoarse.
Ferrum phos 30 3 powders 4 hourly.

Could not come in between due to some reasons.
The warts fell off within 1 month after the last medicine was taken. The skin in this area
is absolutely clean and no marks are left.
Some rough patches have appeared on the skin- on the abdomen and back. Itching is
present in these patches.
Has had 1 or 2 attacks of bad throat in between for which antibiotics were used.
Appetite is normal; bowels are regular.
On examination:
Throat- clear.
Lymph nodes- not palpable.
Argentum nitricum 12 unit dose
Plac. 2pills T.D.S.

Nose is blocked since few days.
Last week he had high temperature (up to 102? F) with sore throat for which antibiotics
were given.
On examination:
Throat- congested; tonsils enlarged.
Lymph nodes are not palpable.
The rough patches on the skin are still present but there is no itching in them.
Argentum nitricum 30 unit dose
Plac. 2pills T.D.S.

Has not had any major attack of sore throat in between. If slight irritation starts is soon better with saline gargles.
Some itching in the patches is still present.
Throat is clear
Plac 2pills T.D.S.

Later the treatment was discontinued as the frequency of the attacks had markedly decreased. The child still visits us but occasionally and usually he requires ‘Plac’ and some gargles and he is soon all right. In this case also we see the application of Hering’s Law in the form of appearance of rashes as well as warts, which had been suppressed in the case of father at exactly the same place!
I request others to share their views on this observation of mine and write if they have also observed this at any time.

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani and Dr. (Mrs.) Parul G. Wadhwani

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