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A Website as you know is the effective tool for communication in this fast world. Internet has become a common tool for providing and accessing information about any subject & topic. There are many homeopathic sites and health sites from different parts of the world.

One such promising website on health from India is with focus on Homeopathy. Site’s main objective is to build up a health community combining information from different fields of therapeutic systems – homeopathy, alternative therapies, and other aspects of health and care. is a dynamic, versatile, dedicated portal on health events/news having articles, current topics, surveys, events, encyclopedia, reviews, clinical tips, clinical cases – homeopathy, alternative, medicine; and a world directory, commercial and other web links and references. This site is freely accessible to public, and everything so easy to access.

Site is really very informative & educative with all the recent development & progress in Homoeopathy, and in Health sector in general. It is very helpful to the students, teachers, practitioners, and health seekers.

The whole portal is highly interactive that one can easily submit their articles, events, synopsis, etc. The site is daily updated with lots of information, and this site is ranking high even in search engines like google, msn, aol, yahoo, etc.

Features at glance:

Clinical Tips

Here you will find interesting clinical tips by authors having experiences in their clinical practice, that they frequently found and verified certain group of remedies were really helpful for certain symptoms, inspite of analyzing their cases as per homeopathic principles. These tips may be helpful in certain cases, and moreover these are to refresh your knowledge and thinking. You will find a new addition here daily. If you want to share your experiences with homeopathic/health fraternity, you may send your clinical tips through email.

Homeopathy Cases

A module of interesting clinical cases treated with homeopathic medicines by homeopaths. If you have some clinical case that you want to share with homeopathic fraternity, you may submit it through Submit Article link. Your contribution will be acknowledged well, and your case(s) will be enlisted here. This is a wonderful opportunity to join together as homeopaths and really contribute our knowledge and experiences. And with this best information, our potential as healers will improve definitely.

Articles & Authors

Here you will find interesting articles / synopsis by authors from health sector. You can share your ideas / articles / synopsis / lectures with health fraternity and public, you may submit it through Submit Article link. Your contribution will be enlisted here.

You will find health articles/news properly categorized in topics, and even one can search through the whole site with advanced search options.

Vital Informer

Vital Informer is a Monthly Medical Newsletter, published from New Delhi, India. It is widely distributed, widely read & accepted newsletter in India and abroad. Vital Informer is 12 years young in Journalism in Homoeopathy.

Now, you can read interesting articles online from the archive of Vital Informer periodically.

Daily Calorie Needs Calculator

Proper diet is the key to good health and vigor. Diet and nutrition are synonymous with health. It provides the necessary nutrients that give energy, promote growth, and sustain the metabolic functions and repair processes that are essential for life. You can assess your daily requirement of calories online. This estimate/requirement is based on your body weight, height, age, gender, and your average level of activity. You can use this information to help you figure out how many calories you should be consuming to maintain your weight.

Events Calendar

Worldwide events are listed with details. One can view and browse the calendar to plan his/her own schedules.


You will find meanings and other details of health terms. More categories are enlisted for terms from different fields.

Web Links

A comprehensive link directory related to homeopathy, health and general categories.

Latest Quality Articles

A weekly updated section on quality articles on Angel Voice, Horoscopes, Biz Tips, Business, Marketing, Health and Fitness, Dinner Ideas, Home and Family, Web Design, and Web Tips.

Other important features are FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Reviews, Polls (Surveys), World Weather, latest World News, etc. The site has visitors from more than 66 different countries. You can view and browse whole site translated into Spanish, German, French or Italian language. is worth surfing regularly!

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