Homeopathic Medicine :: Nitric Acid – Acidum Nitricum

Indicated in a large variety of affections, especially those of the skin and mucous membrane, skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, etc. In ulcerations in different parts of the body, as eye, nose, throat, cheeks, rectum, urethra, genitalia. Anal fissure, coughs, etc.

Extreme weakness; in the morning, joints and limbs ache; in the afternoon, overwhelming lassitude of the entire body, with great and persistent trembling.

Discharges of the body (urine, faeces, perspiration) very offensive; foul odor of the breath and saliva; fetid sweating of the feet, with painful soreness of the toes.

Splinter-like pains, especially at the outlets of the body where mucous membrane and the skin meet.

Falling out of the hair.

Spongy condition of the gums, with easy bleeding of the gums and foul odor from the mouth.

Head feels as though it were in a vise, from ear to ear, over vertex; as of a band around the head; as if tightly bound.

Head very sensitive to pressure in spots on which he lies; and to pressure from hat or cap.

Hardness of hearing; better from riding in a carriage.

Cracking in the ears when chewing.

Ozaena, with formation of green crusts; discharge thick, yellow, offensive; great soreness in the nose; splinter-like pain.

Sore throat with splinter-like pain when swallowing.

Constant hawking of mucus.

Urine dark, reddish, offensive (like urine of horses), bloody, albuminous.

Sticking pain in the rectum when at stool; feels sore and chafed after stool; moisture and soreness at the anus and between the nates.

Leucorrhoea; purulent or the weak watery extracts of fresh meat, slightly tinged with blood; very offensive; with soreness of genitalia and much bearing down.

Body covered with red-brown spots.

Ulceration in various parts (cornea, cheeks, bodily surface, sexual organs, etc.), with pain as though a splinter were run into the ulcer, even when touched ever so lightly.

Ulcers bleed from slightest touch.

Large warts, jagged, bleeding easily; sensitive; splinter-like pain.

Worse in the evening and at night; in cold or hot weather.

Better when riding in a carriage (deafness, headache, general condition); in moderate weather.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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