Migraine :: Bryonia for Migraines

Q: I?ve taken on a new responsibility at work, which I wanted, but the extra stress is giving me migraines. I can?t function at work but I can?t leave either. I just want to lie down in a dark quiet place. Can you suggest something?

A: Migraines can be triggered by many factors and it sounds as though the extra stress at work is taking its toll. There are several remedies for migraines, so it is difficult to pinpoint one that will work for you in particular. However, I can suggest a remedy called Bryonia to start with, given your symptoms.

Bryonia is particularly suited to business people who want to be left alone to get on with the task at hand. They can be anxious and cross when they are unable to work and can become isolated socially as they spend so much time at the office. Underlying this fierce drive to work can be a fear of poverty or financial insecurity.

Bryonia covers the classic migraine symptoms. There is an aggravation from the slightest movement, even to the point of turning the head causing pain. Light, smells and sounds are intolerable and the patient, understandably very irritable, wants to be left alone in a dark, quiet room. Often the pains will be relieved with pressure, such as holding the head or lying on the painful side. Additionally, persons needing Bryonia will usually have a great thirst for large quantities of cold water, as there is a feeling of incredible dryness in the mouth.

See if you are sensitive to certain foods. Often monosodium glutamate (MSG) is a hidden trigger, in addition to aged meats, which may contain nitrates as preservatives. In some people, chocolate, tomatoes, wine, cheese and potatoes are triggers. See if there is a pattern to the migraines by keeping a food diary for a month to find potential connections.

Take regular exercise and eat small meals with protein and plenty of fresh veg. Avoid missing meals as this can cause a drop in blood sugar that can precipitate a migraine. Nutritional snacks such as nuts and fruit are excellent and be sure to drink plenty of water, which if you?re Bryonia, you?ll be doing anyway.

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