Ill-effects of fruits and fruit juices

While fruit juice is recommended food, it can upset the stomach of some kids. This is true especially in cases of juices with high amounts of a sugar alcohol called sorbitol. Some children are unable to digest sorbitol, which leads to a bout of diarrhoea.

Apple and Pear juice are high in sorbitol, grape juice contains very little, while orange and lemon juices contain no sorbitol at all.

If a child has a tummy that’s suddenly upset, check for a fruit juice connection and we can spot a remedy easily with the references given in repertories and materia medicas


Disordered stomach after fruit: Ars., Chin., Bry., Lyc., Act-sp.,

Sour Eructations after fruit: Chin.,

Fermentation in stomach after fruit: Chin.,

Indigestion after fruit: Chin., Ip., Act-sp.,

Nausea after fruit: Ant-t., Ip., Nat-c.,

Pain in stomach after fruit: Lyc.,

Pain – cramping, griping, constricting – in stomach after fruit: Lyc.,

Fermentation in abdomen after fruit: Chin.,

Flatulence in abdomen from fruit: Chin.,

Pain, aching, dull pain in abdomen after fruit: Coloc., Verat., Calc-p., Chin., Merc-c., Puls., Mag-m.,

Pain, cramping, griping in abdomen after fruit: Chin., Coloc., Puls., Calc-p.,

Pain, cramping, griping in region of Umbilicus after fruit: Coloc.,

Tension in Hypochondria after fruit: Nat-c.,

Diarrhoea after fruit: Ars., Bry., Chin., Coloc., Nat-s., Puls., Verat., Aloe., Bor., Calc-p., Carbo-v., Chln-a., Cist., Crot-t., Ferr., Ip., Iris., Lyc., Mur-ac., 0lnd., Ph-ac., Podo., Rhod., Acon., Ant-t., Calc., Lach., Lith., Mag-c., Rheum., Sul-ac., Trom.,

Diarrhoea after sour fruit: Ant-c., Cist., Ip., Lach., Ph-ac.,

Diarrhoea after sour fruit with milk: Podo.,

Diarrhoea after stewed fruit: Bry.,

Diarrhoea after unripe fruit: Ip., Sul-ac., Aloe., Rheum

Lienteric stool after fruit: Chin.,

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