Homeopathy :: Patients not seen but prescribed

I work in a charitable hospital where there are four different cabins of doctors serving Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and eyes specialization. It is a normal practice with patients to report personally for taking medicines in all these faculties but it is abnormal if some one comes with the request that he needs medicine for the patient at home.

A Case of Girl – Medorrhinum

Miss R.D. of 13 years was first brought to us by her mother on 10/10/99. She is of average height, medium built, fair complexion, having dark circles around the eyes, hypo-pigmented patches on the face and thick curly hair.

Homeopathy :: Role of Occupation in Homoeopathy Prescription

Aphorism: 94
“While enquiring into the state of chronic disease, the particular circumstances of the patient with regard to his ordinary occupations, his usual mode of living and diet, his domestic situation and so forth must be well considered and scrutinized to ascertain what there is in them that may tend to produce or to maintain disease, in order there by their removal the recovery may be promoted.”

Classical Homoeopathic Camp and Hospital Inaugurated

On 6-3-03 a Charitable Homoeopathic Hospital was inaugurated at village TALLEWAL (a remote village in distt. Sangrur, 25 Km from Barnala, Punjab) near Akal Akademy by Sant Baba Kartar Singh ji-the founder of this sect. Parkash of Guru Granth Sahib was also held at this occasion. This hospital is the brainchild of retired Brigadier Dr. Sarwang Singh ji the resident of this village, financial contribution by NRIs from Canada. Situated at a pollution free lush green place; more than one acre piece of land, where there is no disturbance of any kind even mobile phones becomes functionless there.

Exam tension no worry

Examination stress may be triggered off before or even during exams, especially if a student does not perform well in a paper.

Boger’s Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory – 1

Before starting understanding “Boger’s Boenninghausen’s Characteristics and Repertory” (I will call this as BBCR), I would like to say that Boger was a keen student of Boenninghausen, and his translation of rubrics from German edition of Boenninghausen’s Thaerapeutic Pocket Book (TPB) into English language is considered more accurate than that of Allen.

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