Homeopathy :: Boenninghausen Academy of Classical Homeopathy [BACH]

An Indian homeopathy organization, headed by Prof. Dr. DP Rastogi, imparting homeopathic education and training to homeopathic physicians , undergraduates and post graduates.


-To train homeopathic physicians , undergraduates and post graduates in Boenninghausen method of study of a case .

-To conduct research work in the field of homeopathic repertories through Boenninghausen and Boger’s work.

-To highlight the usefulness of Boennighausen’s method in homeopathic practice .

-To demonstrate its usefulness in research work .

-To improve and propagate science and art of classical homeopathy .

-To improve the success of homeopathy .



-Teacher’s orientation program

-Undergraduate students training program

-Postgrduate student’s training program

Physician’s Training Program

Introduction- Boenninghausen’s life and work

Boenninghausen’s concept through Lesser writings and repertory

Case taking and demonstration

Case analysis- Totality through Boenninghausen


Working out cases through Boger-Boenninghausen repertory


Well established clinics for practical /clinical exposures

Infrastructure for study and research work

Experienced academicians and clinicians

For details of courses and training programme contact Dr Sandhya Rastogi at Boenninghausen Academy.
P1/17, DLF Phase II Gurgaon
phone number : 2561822 [Mon,Wed, Fri 4to 7Pm]

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