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It was a very chilly but sunny day of 18th Dec, 2003 (Thursday) when a team of dedicated homoeopathic physicians comprising of Dr.S.S.Vithal (from Khanna) National Vice President of IIHP, Dr.Muktinder Singh (Sirhind) Jt.Secty IIHP Punjab state branch, Dr.Randeep Nanda (Chd), Dr.Jaswant Singh (Jagraon, Pb) life member IIHP; visited SOLAN (HP) being invited by Solan Homoeopathic doctors Association for a seminar for doctors as well as general public.

Though it was quite a foggy weather in plains of Punjab/Chd still the faculty members reached Solan (150 km) in time at about 12.30 O?clock. A get together with the visiting dignitaries, was arranged at PWD rest house Solan. Homoeopathic doctors from Solan & adjoining places,Dr. Anukant Goyal & his associates from Chandigarh, Ayurvedic & other medical officers from Distt Hospital participated in the discussion. During the chat Dr.Vithal apprised the members about the sacrifices made by Dr.Hahnemann, Dr.Herrings, Dr Kent etc for the sake of ailing humanity. He insisted all to practice classical (right type) of Homoeopathy and be united under the umbrella of Indian Institute of homoeopathic Physicians the oldest national body of qualified homoeopathic physicians. For the betterment of this science & suffering humanity, get yourself updated with the latest developments in the scientific world. It can only possible if you organize yourself, attend scientific seminars, CMEs, study good magazines, books of this science & other allied sciences regularly.

Dr Muktinder Singh also stressed the attending delegates to be united & get yourself updated with the latest developments in homoeopathy.Dr.Jaswant Singh cautioned all to beware of patents/mixtures available in the market since it will hamper the growth of our science. Dr Randeep Nanda also explained his similar views.
This meet followed by sumptuous lunch in a beautiful restaurant.

From 3 PM to 5 Pm there was a Seminar in the beautiful auditorium of National Mushroom Dev.Institute, Chambaghat, which was attended by the elite of the society, scientists from diff state & central organizations, officers & employees of BSNL,Banks, students from Solan Homoeo medical college, members of Lions club etc.

Mr. Bose, General Manager Telephones was the chief guest who started the programme by lightning the lamp in front of the portraits of Goddess Saraswati & Dr Hahnemann. Vande Matram was sung followed by straight away oration by Dr.S.S.Vithal. He told the audience about the history of Homoeopathy which was though founded by a German Dr.Hahnemann about 250 yrs back but its description is available in Bhagwat Purana (5000 yrs BC), Vedas, Hippocrats,Theury,Stahle etc..He apprised the audience about the basic priciples of Homoeopathy,its practical usage etc.He also cleared certain misconceptions in the minds of general public about this system..He also warned all to not to buy or accept the various patents/ mixtures available in the market since these all are non homoeopathic. The given medicine is only homoeopathic if the prescription is based on cardinal principles of homoeopathy and cure must follow according to Herrings law. It was explained to them in a simple language. Due to some technical problem with the audio visual aids, multimedia slides & video cases could not be shown; still the audience listened to the speeches spell bound.

Dr Randeep Nanda- teacher & in charge OPD of Hom.med College Chandigarh, spoke on diff laws and bridged the gap between modern medicine & homoeopathy. Very beautifully he clarified theory of individualization, miasms etc with the help of modern sciences.

Dr Muktinder Singh- a very good orator kept all the attendants spell bound by giving good examples from diff. scripts,clarified in a very simple language, Dr Vijaykar?s theory of suppression. He explained scientifically explained; how a man falls ill and how cure takes place in a body.

After that there was question /answer session.Good number of questions were raised by eminent scientists/doctors/chief guest; like why you are against homoeo patents,if mother tinctures are homoeopathic or not,do these medicines have any side effect,modern developments in science verses homoeopathy etc.etc. Dr Vithal & Dr Muktinder Singh satisfied them all by answering their querries.

Sh.Bose- chief guest was so much delighted like others that in his concluding speech he told that though he is stounch suppoter of this system ;now is crystal clear about this scence.He congratulated the organizers for arranging such a nice talk for Solan people and stressed to follow the basic aim of the physician (TREAT THE MAN NOT THE DISEASE).
All the proceedings were telecasted on diff Tv channels, also in diff news papers.

Dr Rajesh HMO Distt Hosp Solan presented gifts to the visitors. Everybody was so impressed & satisfied with the oration that too without any charges (No delegation fee from attendants & not even a penny given to speakers).Dr Vinod Suri eminent homoeopath from Solan,Dr Rajesh Kumar HMO & others worked tirelessly/selflessly for making it a grand success that too within two days.

Reported by:- Dr Vinod Suri,The Mall,SOLAN (HP)

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