Exam tension no worry

Examination stress may be triggered off before or even during exams, especially if a student does not perform well in a paper.

* Symptoms include: sudden acute depression or panic; withdrawal, inability to sleep, eat or concentrate; going blank, loss of confidence and irritability.

* “It’s a temporary state of mind, so you should not scold or condemn the child,” says Dr. T. P.Jindal, Psychiatrist & Head of the Department of Psychiatry, Indira Gandhi ESI Hospital. Parents should be careful not to show their own anxiety.

* If you feel your mind’s gone blank, don’t panic. Your memory won’t fail. “Memory becomes sharper while writing exams,” says Dr Jindal.

* You can prevent exam stress by making a study time-table and sticking to it.

* Do not get influenced by the level of preparedness of your friends.

* Keep time aside to relax.

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