A Case of Girl – Medorrhinum

Miss R.D. of 13 years was first brought to us by her mother on 10/10/99. She is of average height, medium built, fair complexion, having dark circles around the eyes, hypo-pigmented patches on the face and thick curly hair.

Presenting complaints:
– Chronic cold since infancy.
– Dandruff since early childhood.
– Hypo pigmented patches on the face since 1 year.
– Dark circles around the eyes since 1 year.
– Sensitive skin – reacts to artificial jewellery.

Since infancy she started having cold. She has been diagnosed as a case of chronic sinusitis. She usually has stuffed nose and has greenish, thick discharge.
< winters, washing head after.
She also complains of dandruff since beginning. She is also having falling of hair since few days.
Since 1 year she has hypo pigmented patches on her face, which appear whitish in color. With that she has brownish black discoloration around the eyes since 1 year.
She has very sensitive skin. If she wears artificial jewellery then she develops some kind of skin rash, which is probably contact dermatitis.

Treatment history:
Taken antibiotics for sinusitis and applied local ointments whenever rashes appeared.

Past illnesses:
Nothing significant except the episodes of contact dermatitis for which she used ointments.

Family illnesses:
Mother: migraine and fungal infection
Maternal grandmother:? skin disease
Maternal grandfather: D.M.
Paternal grandfather: H.T.
Brother: recurrent tonsillitis

Personal history:
Student; non-vegetarian
Menses: normal.

Appetite: normal, non-vegetarian.
Thirst: normal for chilled water.
Desires: ICE+++, ice candies+++, sweets++, spicy ++, chicken pizza+, roasted chicken+.
Aversion: green vegetables++, milk++
Bowels: normal
Urine: normal
Sleep: normal, in light.
Dreams: frightening
Perspiration: normal
Thermal reaction: HOT+++ can do without a sweater in winters.

Memory very weak, can’t remember what she has studied. She is very fond of swimming and painting. She fears dark.

The most prominent features in the case were strong craving for ice and the patient being extremely hot. Along with that I also got poor memory in the patient. Considering these three striking features together I tried to find a parallel drug from the materia medica. In Medorrhinum I found these three symptoms in an equal intensity. Moreover these chronic catarrhal conditions are usually sycotic in origin (Ref: Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy, by J.T. Kent) and Medorrhinum is one of the greatest antisycotic drugs of our Materia medica.

Medorrhinum 30 unit dose.
Plac. 30, 2 pills T.D.S.

Follow up:
Discoloration around the eyes is much better.
The patches on the face are absent.
Cold present; having creamish or greenish & sometimes yellowish green discharge.
Medorrhinum 30? unit dose
Plac. 30, 2 pills T.D.S.

Nasal discharge has decreased but not yet gone.
No discoloration around eyes.
Falling of hair still present with much dandruff, which is dry whitish in color.
Has not had any frightening dreams after the treatment has started.
Medorrhinum 200 unit dose.
Plac. 30, 2 pills T.D.S.

Does not have cold at all now and the face is absolutely clear.
In January she developed rash like eruptions on both arms and legs for which she has been taking allopathic medicines till now without any improvement (her cold had disappeared by the time these rashes appeared. A skin specialist gave her some anti allergics and antibiotics for her rashes and “luckily” no ointments).
She still has much dandruff and hair problem.
No frightening dreams in between.

Medorrhinum 200? unit dose.
Plac. 30, 2 pills T.D.S.
The patient was explained that this appearance of rash is in confirmation with the homoeopathic law of healing and as it has appeared after the disappearance of cold, if not treated properly the cold will return again. She was asked to wait on our prescription.

April 2000
The mother was seen again when she came to show her younger child for some problem. On being asked she told that her daughter remained fine after the last prescription. She has not been troubled by cold at all and her rash slowly faded away. Now the skin is fine and normal. Her dandruff was also much better. She could say anything about her daughter’s memory.

We see the application of Hering’s Law in this case. First the last appearing complaints in the case disappear i.e. discoloration around eyes & pigmentation. When the chronic cold of the patient disappears she develops eruptions all over her, which gradually disappear leaving the patient healthy i.e. ‘within outwards’
In my small experience in practice, I have seen that it is not easy to disturb the action of a dynamic similimum by moderate material doses of any allopathic, ayurvedic, homoeopathic or any other medicine. This is especially true in the cases where Hering’s Law is applied. Only through strong material doses of various medicines or through frequent application of unsuitable dynamic medicines will we be able to contaminate the process of recovery once it has started. I request the readers of this article to kindly give their views and experiences and enlighten me on this observation.
Note: The prescription of Medorrhinum 30? and 200? as well as Plac means “Placebo”. In the course of her treatment she only received 2 doses of Medorrhinum one in 30ths potency & the other in 200th potency.

Dr. Gyandas G. Wadhwani and Dr. (Mrs.) Parul G. Wadhwani

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