Homeopathy :: Role of Occupation in Homoeopathy Prescription

Aphorism: 94
“While enquiring into the state of chronic disease, the particular circumstances of the patient with regard to his ordinary occupations, his usual mode of living and diet, his domestic situation and so forth must be well considered and scrutinized to ascertain what there is in them that may tend to produce or to maintain disease, in order there by their removal the recovery may be promoted.”

Occupational diseases come under non miasmatic with fully developed symptoms of chronic diseases in master’s disease classification. Without perfect talks about patient’s job can work as obstacle between prescription and cure. It is not only a way to prescribe similimum but may help in correct prescription. Some occupational prescriptions are as follows:


embarrassment –
Failure : Act. rac.
Unable to sleep : Amb. g.
Remorse or sudden realization of financial loss : Arnica
Intense sleeplessness of irritable, excitable persons : Hyos
Restlessness & sleeplessness due to worry and grief, loss of property and reputation : Kali br.
Sleeplessness after worry over business trouble : Kali phos
Think going to failure in business : Psor
Aversion to customary business not only business even his family and their members. Because indifferent to every thing : Sepia
Arithmetic calculation difficult : Syphilinum
aversion to – Con., Sil.
brain fag with headache in occipito-cervical region – Pic. ac.
forgetful – very, but in dreams of what he had forget – Selenium.
fear of financial loss – Ars., Calc.Fluor, Kali br., Staph.
headache – Arg.met.
nervous & dyspeptic trouble with too little physical exertion – Nux vom.
plethoric, sedentary workers, office bearer, shopkeeper (Lalaji) – Acon., Cact., Con., Kali ph., Ran.bulb., Sepia.
Wearing out mental and physical Strain – Coca.


Headache – Gels., Glon., Nat.carb.,
Palmer dermatitis – Syco.co.,

BABERCHY – deep impression on finger after use of knife – Bovista.
– palmer dermatitis – Syco.co.,

– shaving anxiety – Calad.

BELLONER – who uses Aluminium dust and NaoH – skin disease – Alum., Natrum group

BETEL-SELLER – Calc.carb., Dulc., Nat.sulph. Rhus tox.

BRASIER (thathere) – Cup.met., Zinc.,
moulding – Calc.sil., Cuprum.met., Sil., Zinc.

SAILAR (BOAT MAN) – Aran., Calc.sil., Dulc., Nat.sulph., Rhus tox., Silicea.

CHEMIST – should ask about quality and structure of chemical in detail – all type of acids, Kali group & Natrum group medicines.

CLERGYMAN – (who performs religious duty in church)
– Hoarseness – Caps., Phos., Rhus tox.
– Sore throat – Alum., Arg.met., Arum triph, Dros., Ferr.phos.
Auctionary – Stann.
-Sore throat – Arum trip.
Orator, advocate, hawker, public speaker, singer – Ferr.pic., Stann.
Hoarseness of voice – at beginning – Selen.
From straining – Caps.
– irritable throat – Wyethia
– nervous dread – Gels.
– unable to sing – Nat.mur.

CONFECTIONER – Gels., Glon., Lach., Nat.carb., Puls.

– excessive muscles soreness – Agar., Bell., Cicuta, Cimicifuga, Cocculus., Crocus., Hyos., Tarent.

ELECTRICIAN – Electricitas, Phos.

ELECTROPLATER – Arg.nit., Aur.met., Cupr.met., Zinc.

EMIGRANTS – amenorrhoea, constipation – Plat.

FARMER – Calc.sil., Sulph., Urea.

FERTILIZERER – Sulph., Urea.

FIELD WORKER – (Post man, hawker, line man) Bry., Gels., Glon., Lach., Lyssin., Natr.carb., Natrum mur.

– (cracker factory) – Carb.veg., Kali carb., Phos., Sulph.

FOUNDRY MAN – (Black smith) – Ferr., Gels., Glon., Nat.carb.
– diseases of optic nerve & retina – Merc.
GOLD SMITH – Arg.nit., Aur.met., Gels., Glon., Lach., Natrum carb.

HORSE RIDER – (Pithu rider, hill journey) – Borax, Ars., Coca, Gels., Sanic.
< – going upward – Act.rac.

LABOURER – (Beldar, coolie, weight lifter, loader, plumber etc.) Kali phos.
easily strain from lifting – Carbo veg., Millif., Rhus tox., Ruta g.
– even small wt. creates weakness – Carb.an. fear – Borax gardner – Bell.p.
– old – Bell.p
mason – Dulc., Aran., Arnica, Nat.sulph., Rhus tox.
stone cutter chest, emphysema – Sil.
wanderer (hawker, ferry wala, pad yatra)
– brings abscess – Carb.ac.

LEATHER WORKER – (cobbler, meat cutter) – Ars.alb, Pyro.

LITERARY PERSON – (see student) – who are too much at home, suffer from want of exercise with gastric troubles – Nux vom.

MILK DAIRY – Aran., Ars., Dulc., Nat.sulph., Rhus tox.

MINERS – asthma, produced by inhaling of coal dust – Nat.ars.

MOULDER – (see brasier)


NIGHT WATCHMAN – (chowkidaar, nurses, night shifter)- Caust., Cocc., Cup.met., Ign., Lac.def., Nit. ac., Nux.vom.
– exhausted by long nursing – Cocc, Crot., Nit.ac.


PAINTER COLIC – Alum., Plat., Plumb.


PHOTOGRAPHER – Who uses silver Bromide (Ag Br.) and sodium thiosulphuric acid (Na2S2O3) in film printing – Arg.met., Arg.nit., Brom., Calc.brom., Nat.carb., Nat.mur., Nat.sulph., Sulph.

PILOT – landing – Bor., Gels., Sanicula
take off – Act.rac.

PLASTIC WORKER – Naphthalinum, Parafinum, Petrol.

PLAYER Cramps – Mag.phos.
high game diarrhoea – Crot., Pyrog.,
injury – Arn., Calend., Hyp., Nat.sulph.,
– sprain – Petrol., Rhustox., Ruta g., Stront.carb.(chronic)
– due to over lifting – Agnus
piano – Agar., Bov., Calc.carb., Caust., Cham., Cimici., Gels., Kali carb., Mag.phos., Nat.mur., Pic.ac., Ran.bulb.,
Skating – Cimic., Rhus tox.
Tennis elbow – Ruta G.
wrist (both)- Act.spicata,
– Single – Viol.od., Ulmus.

Varicose vein – Fluor.ac., Hamam

POT MAKER – (who works with cold clay)-Aran., Ars., Calc.carb., Dulc., Mag.phos., Nat.sulph., Nux. mosch.

– dermatitis – Red brom. X-ray.

STUDIOUS PERSON – (see literary person)
Student – Aeth., Anac., Cann.ind., Gels., Kali phos., lach., Med., Nux mos., Nux v., Pic.ac., Sepia., Sulph.
Aethusa – fear of exam.
Anacardium – Sudden loss of memory very forgetful.
Cann.ind. – very forgetful- forget his last words and ideas, what he intend to speak
Gels. – mental prostration is typified in funk, as before an examination.
Kali phos.- loss of memory can’t recall names and words.
Lach. – extraordinary weakness of memory, every thing that is heard, it were effaced even orthrography is no longer remembered and there is forgetfulness even of things on the point of utterance.
Lac.can- very forgetful. makes purchases and walks without them. In writing uses too many
words or not the right ones omits final letter or letters in a word. can’t concentrate to read or study.
Med. – weakness of memory, can’t remember name, words or initials, has to ask name of most intimate friend, even forget his own name. Can’t spell correctly, wonders how a well-known name is spelled.
Nux mosch. – weakness or loss of memory. vanishing thoughts while reading, talking or writing, uses wrong, words, doesn’t recognize well-known streets. Entire loss of past life.
Phos ac. – difficult comprehension, think a little while answering a question, perhaps answer it, then forget all about it. when reading thousands of other thoughts, came into his head. could not rightly comprehend any thing, what he read became as if dark & he immediately forget all.
Pic. ac.- brain fag during mental exertion, fear of examination.
Sepia – loss of memory, aptness to make mistake in speaking and writing.
Syph – loss of memory can’t remember names of books, persons or places. Arithmetic calculation difficult.
-book worm – Coccul., Con., Cupr. met., Lac.can., Nux vom., Sepia, Sil.
-school girl headache – Calc.phos., Mag. phos., Med. Nat.m., Phos.ac., (from eye strain)
-study indisposition, mind seems clearer – Mag.phos.

T.B. SANATORIUM WORKER – bacill., Tuber.,

TEACHER – (see also student) brain fag- Pic.ac.,
– female in seminary after miscarriage sleeplessness – Cypripedium.

TAILORING – Agar., Bov., Calc.c., Caust., Cham., Cimic., Cocculus., Cycl., Dros., Gels., Kali carb., Mag.phos., Nat.m., Phos., Pic.ac., Ran.bulb.,
– deep impression on fingers on using scissors – Bov.
– anxiety on sewing – Sepia.

TOBACCO WORKER– Ars., Calad., Cham., Ign., Nux vom., Phos., Plant., Sep.

TRAVELER – Cocculus, Bell p.,
-Anxiety – Ars.alb.,
-backache – Nux mos., petrol.
-aeroplane – Act.rac., Borax, Gels., Lac.can., Sanicula.
– going up – Act.rac.
– Vertigo – on descending – Borax, Ferr.met., Sanicula.
-Railway – fear (train, tram, bus, lift.) – Dys.co., (due to closer place)
– Spine – Bell.p.,
– Vertigo – Kali iod.
-Ship – Ars.alb., Petrol.

WASHER PERSON – (who stand in water – Singhare worker, boat man, fisher person)
-Mehri – Dulc., Nat.sulph., R.t.
-Fisher person, boatman (who remain in sand)
– Calc.sil., Sil.,
– toothache – Phos.
– Palmer dermatitis due to using detergent – Syco. co.

WATER TANK WORKER – (who uses bleaching powder ) – Boils & carbuncle, Calc.chlorinate

WELDING – Gels., Glon., Lach., Nat.carb.

WRITER’S CRAMPS – Arn., Chel., Cycl., Mag.phos., Merc.sol., Sec., Verat. alb.
– Single finger – Tab.
– Typewriter’s – Mag.phos., Pic.ac.

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