Cancer :: Firefighters face increased risk for certain cancers

University of Cincinnati (UC) environmental health researchers have determined that firefighters are significantly more likely to develop four different types of cancer than workers in other fields. Their findings suggest that the protective equipment firefighters have used in the past didn’t do a good job in protecting them against cancer-causing agents they encounter in their profession, the researchers say.

Flu :: GlaxoSmithKline?s new generation flu vaccine shows a significant seroprotection

New data released today demonstrate significantly better immune responses in the age range 65 and above when vaccinated with GSK?s new generation (adjuvanted) seasonal flu vaccine compared to a traditional seasonal flu vaccine. These new data are highly important, since the disease burden and death toll is highest among the elderly in each flu season. The data, presented at the Influenza Vaccines for the World (IVW) 2006 Congress, showed the seroprotection rate (90.5%) achieved by the new adjuvanted vaccine in the elderly to be more than 25% higher than that reported in the age matched comparator group.

Meditation :: The Almighty Breath – swara yoga

Would you like to know how to meditate better? How to be more effective when addressing an important personage? How to change a mood or feeling? How to be in rhythm with the universe through the day? Well, believe it or not, the answer lies in the breath. And swara yoga is the science that helps you to understand how to maximise your potential by manipulating your breath.

Yoga :: The Almighty Breath – Swara yoga

Swara yoga is an ancient science that correlates the breath with the sun, moon and the five elements, helping us to control moods, heal ailments and be attuned to the cosmic rhythm.

Smoking :: Why is it Hard to Quit Smoking?

Smoking is emerging to be one of the major causes of death in the modern world. Smoking poses dangers directly and indirectly to the public. Several smokers claim to have been meaning to quit this habit; they just find it so difficult. Here are some of the major reasons why it is hard to quit smoking.

Homeopathic Medicine :: Aconitum Napellus – Monks-Hood

Indicated in sthenic (overaction; high fever & strong pulse) conditions, inflammations, early effects of cold from draught, getting chilled, suppression of perspiration; effects of fright, menstrual suppression, or of intense excitement.

Cystic Fibrosis :: First dry powder inhalation antibiotic for cystic fibrosis

Forest Laboratories, having developed what it believes is the world?s first dry powder inhalation system for antibiotics, is now conducting phase III trials on a new dry powder antibiotic formulation which promises to change the lives of cystic fibrosis sufferers by drastically reducing the daily treatment time.

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