Case Presentation – Natrum Carb.

In many remedies there is nothing seen upon the surface (or face), because they manifest themselves in inner or deeper sensations.

Let me lay a case before you to illustrate this.

For instance, take a robust looking fellow, who declares himself fairly well out to lunch with you.

You have noticed for some time that his nose is all the time peeling off; at once there is a star. He never talks about his health.

Pretty soon, while lunching, the door slams and he jumps. That is the second point.

Then he tells you how much he eats, how well it affects him, how good he feels after eating, and you have noticed yourself that he eats a good deal. You have not said one word about his health to him. You have not asked him to tell you any symptoms.

Finally you shove the pitcher of milk over to him, and he says, “Oh, I can’t drink milk, if I take milk it gives me diarrhoea; I never think of taking it.”

Who could not prescribe for that fellow without taking him into the office? Who would think of anything but Natrum carb. for such a case?

Sometimes you can find out the whole story by getting a stubborn patient to go and dine with you.

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