Colic – Pulsatilla

Mr. M., residing in Montmartre, begged of me to call on him, and my attendance for a great inconvenience that he was then suffering under. He was attacked by the colic accompanied by frequent liquid stools, distaste for food, the mouth clogged with mucus, but no thirst; and he had desire to vomit, dryness of the palate and tongue, and great prostration of strength.

The symptoms being perfectly those belonging to Pulsatilla, I prescribed, of that substance, three globules at the thirtieth attenuation. The patient took the medicine at nine o’clock in the evening. Some hours afterwards, he found himself much worse. The desire to vomit was succeeded by vomiting; the stools were frequent; and toward the latter part of the night, he slept profoundly, and awoke about seven o’clock in the morning, feeling but little feebleness. He rose to breakfast, and went out the same day to his business. The disease never returned.

By Dr. P. F. Curie, M. D.

(Source: Rayaz Jagani)

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