Hemorrhoids :: Piles (Hemorrhoids) cured by LM Potency

Mrs. C.D., 35 years, a housewife of Kanaipur, Hooghly in West Bengal was suffering from bleeding piles since last 10 years. She was previously under treatment of a local homoeopath for at least 4 years, who failed to cure. Only bleeding was subsided. Since last 6 months, problem had seriously aggravated and forced her to go to an allopath for immediate relief, though her family faiths in homoeopathy. The G. P. tried to relieve for a month and then refer to a Surgeon.

Vital Force in terms of Indian Mythology

In Homoeopathy, the concept of Vital Force is most important. If a homoeopathic physician has clear concept of the Vital Force, it is my belief that he will perform his duty as a preserver of health with greatest zeal, and the importance of SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR and the single, simple and minimum will become very clear to him. In that case he will not be liable to be tempted by the attractive combinations and shortcut formulas.

Impotency :: Male Impotency – Caladium Seguinum

Impotency :: Male Impotency – Caladium Seguinum

Impotency, as it stands in Oxford, “unable to have full sex or reach an orgasm”. The very long general belief among the c’mon mass is not the proper term, as there is a candid difference between impotent and infertile. However, the perpetual impotency or a long duration leads to infertility, which is a known fact. The case under review here is a pure case of impotency, which is cured by the use of LM Potency.

IIHP & Classical Homoeopathy spread its wings in J&K also

The day of 29th June (Sunday) 2003 will be remembered as the most auspicious day in the history of homoeopathy when first ever educative seminar on classical homoeopathy was organized in Jammu at Hotel Surya Excellency.Dr S.S.Vithal-National Vice President IIHP was the chief speaker who spoke on how to tackle acute emergencies with homoeopathy that too with single remedy single dose.Dr.Muktinder Singh (Sirhind) Joint Secty IIHP Punjab state br, Dr.JaiDev Sharma (Y.Nagar) National Executive memberIIHP,Dr.Jatinder Sharma(Jagadhari) G.Secty Haryana IIHP,Dr.Randeep Nanda(Chd) also spoke on their respective subjects (details follow).Though the total strength of institutionally qualified homoeopathic doctors is just about 130 in whole J&K still the organizers managed to attract so many delegates that too only in just a period of 17 days. Delegates not only from J&K but also from Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, HP participated.

Homoeopathy has the answer to emergencies

It is the misconception in the minds of general public (sometimes physicians too) that homoeopathic medicines are for warts, skin allergies, common cold/cough only. Whereas homoeopathic system is a complete system of therapeutics having no limitation. Limitation lie with the physician who practices it not in the system. Its approach is hundred percent scientific, humanistic& wholistic (holistic too).