Lithaemic/acidosis constitution – erythema nodosum – Rhus tox

S K 56 years, male presented with redness, swelling and rash over legs for the last two and a half months. The nature of lesion was of erythema nodosum.

There was pain in the sacral region radiating along right lower limb aggravated after sitting, winters, from becoming cold, and in cold wet weather and ameliorated by motion.

Other features were: Calmness, intolerant of contradiction, desires company, fear of disease and fastidious. Desire tor sweats and tea. Thirsty without desire tor liquids. Left sided renal calculus with raised uric acid level.

Treatment plan:
Rhus tox LM 1, LM2, LM3 was prescribed from 31/1/2000 to 26/6/2000 with 70 % relief in his backache, swelling around leg and ankle joint and erythema nodosum.

The general feeling was good. However the case became stationery and further improvement stopped.

At this Stage Sulphur LM1 and later on Kali carb LM1, LM2, LM3 were prescribed which improved the patient further. Now all the complaints are relieved.

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