Jaundice :: Jaundice – Mercurius Solubilis

Mrs M. 18 came with a h/o hyperemesis after having allopathic treatment with 4 months pregnancy. She was anemic and dehydrated. She had no nausea or belching or dizziness.

Old h/o skin eczema treated with sulphur and bach remedies by me, hence the patient came to me. BP was 80/60 pulse 110. Patient was weak, pregnant. No significant h/o.

Treatment on 12/2/03 with plenty of ORS and one dose of Ars-30 along with rescue remedy 1 dose every 30min. Reproted complete relief next day, weakness persists.

On 14/2/03 — Complaints of weakness, fatigue and malaise.

After investigating, TLC-6500,DLC-P65, L32, E3; ESR-12MM/hr, Serum bilirubin-5.5, HBsAg-positive.RUE-bs/bp-positive.

Referring Synthesis – Anemia, pregnancy in – Phos-200 given for 3days no relief.

On 17/2/03 – On examination: — Liv++, jaundice++, clubbing++, anemia++

From p/h she sweats day and night without relief was treated with sulph.

Gave Merc-30 3*3 for 15days with relief.

She was given Merc-30 for total of 3mts.

On 25/6/03 — Delievered a male healthy child wt-2.75kgs. She had not turned up for follow up as she was from a far away place. When she informed the hospital that she had suffered from jaundice they investigated only to find out that she was HBsAg negative.

I personally feel that Merc. sol. is specific for HBsAg from my personal exp.

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