Hemorrhoids :: Piles (Hemorrhoids) cured by LM Potency

Mrs. C.D., 35 years, a housewife of Kanaipur, Hooghly in West Bengal was suffering from bleeding piles since last 10 years. She was previously under treatment of a local homoeopath for at least 4 years, who failed to cure. Only bleeding was subsided. Since last 6 months, problem had seriously aggravated and forced her to go to an allopath for immediate relief, though her family faiths in homoeopathy. The G. P. tried to relieve for a month and then refer to a Surgeon.

The Surgeon, engaged in Kolkata’s Nil Ratan Sarkar Hospital and Medical College, run by the state government. After clinical and pathological observation, she was advised for admission on a specific date. On that day, Mrs. Das gone to be admitted at the NRS but found the Surgeon was on leave for 15 days. Only then, her family opted to consult a second homoeopath considering the operation may be averted and the problem is over.

Her husband, a patient of severe eczema, was treated by my father late Dr. Harimohan Choudhury. They came to me on June 10, 1999 with a mind that Dr. Choudhury’s method of treatment can cure her. Within a few months, she was fully cured. It was possible by following the latest scientific advice of our Master Hahnemann, i.e. in LM potency.

Main problem :

Hemorrhoids since last 10 years. Previously there was bleeding but prolong homoeopathic treatment subsided that. Aching aggravates after stool and relieved by hot application. Severe burning in the rectum with dryness sensation. Feels as if a bunch of sticks in the rectum. Pain also in back.

Other complains :

Pruritis in genitalia.
Frequent urge for urination, especially at night.
Chest pain as if from upwards pressure of flatulence.

Past history :

Bleeding from piles. History of pinworm irritation in the anus. She had dry eczema in her early age.

Personal history :

Appetite – Normal.
Thirst – Normal. She wants to avoid due to nocturia.
Like – Lukewarm food, fish, salty item.
Aversion – No such.
Bowel – Hard stool. Constipation. Accumulation of flatus in the morning and evening.
Sleep – Normal.
Perspiration – Excess. Slightly bad odor.
Menstruation – Profuse. Stopped for 8 hours after 3 days of continuous flow and again continue one day.
Thermal relation – Hot patient.
Bath – Likes.
Habit – Tea.

Mental symptoms :

Forgetful, active, hurried, obstinate. Slight cause makes her irritated.

Family history :

Mother – Diabetes mellitus, Piles.
Father – Rheumatic trouble.

On Physical Examination :

B. P. – 118 / 76,
Pulse – 76.
Soft warts on the neck.

Pathological Findings :

Serum Glucose (R) – 150.

Treatment :

Symptoms covered:
1. Hemorrhoid
2. Fells of small sticks in the rectum
3. Hard stool
4. Aching in rectum
5. Burning in rectum
6. Frequent micturation
7. pain in the chest

This rubric indicates to Aesculus.

On 10.06.99 :

Aesculus Hipspana – LM/1, LM/3.

One medicated globules No. 10 mixed in 100ml of distilled water. Add 15-20 drops of alcohol for preservation. Each phial divided into 16 equal doses. After 10 succussions, one dose to be taken in the empty stomach, TDS. After finishing the 1st medicine then start 2nd one.

Advised to report after 10 days.

21.06.99 :

She returns to report that after few hours of taking the medicine she felt better.
Now stool is soft. No pain after evacuation. Occasionally pinching and burning.
Tongue slight whitish coated, flabby and imprint of teeth.
Saliva – excess, come out pouring at night.
Thirst – + ve.

Now indicate Mercurious.

Merc Sol – LM/3, LM/4.

Solution prepared as above stated procedure in 60 ml D.W. 8 doses each BD for two days, then OD.


Pin worm irritation in the rectum. Others improve.

Teucrium Marum – LM/1

Prepare in 60ml D.W. 8 marks, OD.

17.07.99 :

No irritation of worm.
This time menstruation flow is normal.

Sulphur – LM/1, prepared as before, OD.

27.07.99 :

Improvement in all respect.

Sulphur – LM/3 (as LM/2 was not stock).

Prepared as above, OD.

O8.08.99 :

Stool not clear, Backache, B.P. – 110/65

Nihilinum – LM/0, 60ml, 8 doses, OD.

16.08.99 :

Stool again hard, but there is no pain. Backache in the morning.

Thuja Occidentalis – LM/3, LM/4, LM/5, prepared as same, OD.

12.09.03 :

Again the rectal pain aggravates since last 3 days. Needs additional strains for evacuation. Bleeding from rectum.

Ratanhia – LM/1, LM/2, prepared in 60ml D.W. 8 marks, OD.

29.09.99 :

Improvement. Menstruation twice in this month.

Thuja Occ – LM/7 to LM/11.

All was given in 60ml with 8 marks, OD

09.01.2000 :

Stool clear. Again irritation of worms.

Tuberculinum LM/6, LM/7, LM/8 (incase of Nosodes needs high potency), prepared as same, OD.


Severe bleeding started as it was at the initial stage. The patient was puzzled and thought that an operation would be the only solution as the trouble was intolerable. She seeks my opinion. She was asked to wait and watch for a few days.

Nihilinum LM/0 – 2 phials prepared as before, OD.

There was no report from her quarters for a long time. After almost a year-and a-half, her husband came to me for the treatment of their daughter. In course of conversation, he quipped, “She is all right now”.

Surprised I asked, “Well, operation cured her then?”

“No sir, not at all. With your wonderful medicine she is well now”.

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