Constipation – main cause for Piles n Ano Rectal problems

A rtd. Army personnel has been noticing some discharge & occasional blood from the rectum for quite some time though he had already underwent Operation for Fistula in Ano in the past. He had been living with it thinking that perhaps nothing much can be done now till he was examined & told that apart from the Fistula he has Rectal Polyp also.

Mrs. N.S. experiences excruciating pain while passing stools which is mixed with blood, thee pain has been terrible the day she has hard stools, this all started ever since her last delivery. She is suffering from Piles or Haemorrhoids with Anal Fissures.

Common thing in both among the other number of patients were that they had been having Chronic Constipation initially. It was seen in a monthly camp on ANO-RECTAL DISORDERS, which was organized at OVIHAMS Medical Center RL -1 Ganga Ram Vatika, Tilak Nagar, on 6th September 2003 between 1.30 to 4.30 pm. Among the patients who consulted for their various Ano Rectal Problems e.g. PILES, FISSURES, FISTULA and Cancer Rectum etc. 65% were Male and 35% were Females.

Dr. A.K.Gupta Sr. Homoeopath & Director OVIHAMS said that Heredity, Constipation, Faulty Eating Habits Consumption of Spices & Alcohol Beverages and Sedentary life style etc. can cause and aggravate the Piles problem. Females suffer very often during or after the Pregnancy and invariably owing to the Constipation. According to him Do’s & Don’ts should be understood. He advised that people suffering from piles must primarily take care of the constipation and should refrain from straining for the stools,

To enable them to have normal formed soft stools they should increase their water intake and eat plenty of Fibrous food, leafy vegetables and fruits sply. the Papaya is very useful as a softener ,Intake of Isogel husk can be effective . He further said that Patients are advised to have Sits Bath. Homoeopathic treatment has been found quite effective in these problems and far less number of patients require surgery if they follow the proper dietary advise along with homoeo treatment.

Dr. Shweta assisted Dr. Gupta during the camp and homoeopathic medicines were distributed Free to the patients. 30% Concession on Pathological Tests & Endoscopy was also offered to the patients. Patients seeking more information can log on to website

OVIHAMS is accredited in Limca Book Of Records also. To enable the patients complete treatment , registered patients of the camps are given concession in their further treatment also, so that the proper Follow -Up treatment can be done judiciously.

OVIHAMS is committed to provide the best medical care and awareness for the betterment of the suffering patients for their Acute and Chronic Diseases with all Specialties according to the requirement and suitability of the patients informs Dr. A.K.Gupta Founder Director OVIHAMS. For the poor patients & community OVIHAMS runs a daily (11am to 1pm) Charitable Homoeopathic O.P.D. and Special Referred Homoeopathic OPD is being held by the Medical Director on Wednesdays (11-12 Noon).

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