Scientific classical homoeopathy prospered by quantum physics/mechanics

Homoeopathy is a science of cure. Dr Samuel Hahnemann was a German physician; he was an M.D. medicine bachelor of Leipzic University. He came across Cullen’s materia medica, and he started inventing rational science of healing. He did pioneering work in invention of micro doses for curative purposes.

He knew the hidden forces of the nature. His thoughts were concentrated on vital force theory& drug dynamization theory. He became the first pioneering inventor of infinitesimal small doses of medicines, of homoeopathy, where the medicines are administered to the patient are in the form of potency or energy. What is lost during struggling against the diseases that is introduced in the body of the patient to restrengthen the patient body & energy to annihilate the diseases. In homoeopathy energy is introduced in the body of patients via medicinal agency. The inherent properties of the medicines are ascertained by the process of drug proving on healthy human individuals only. The process of drug potentization or drug dynamization is the peculiar method of preparing medicines in the form of energy. The secret & hidden properties of crud drugs are made free by the process of drug potentization.

Homoeopathy is the only one pathy is having its medicines in the form of energy. The coded energy of the medicine is absorbed by the vehicle used for the process of drug potentization, & the coded energy is retained in the vehicle of the medicine, i.e. Sugar of milk or ethyl alcohol. This coded energy is absorbed by the patient’s body & patient’s energy of vital force & the coded energy is decoded, its properties and meanings are analysed & appropriate meaning is interpreted by the patient’s body & vital energy& protective response is given to the body of the patient for fighting against the diseases. In this manner homoeopathic medicines only work in the form of energy. Diseases appear in dynamic form, hence they are annihilated in the form of dynamic power of the vital force by the agency of potentised medicines. Hence Dr Hahnemann had used medicines in the form of infinitesimal small particles of light smallest light particles, isotopes, in the form of photons before 210 years dr Hahnemann did administration of light particles via medicinal agency to make the sick persons healthy.

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