Psychotherapy :: Psychotherapy helps Overweight, Frustrated and fed up people

Rob Sugar NLP, Canada’s premier Weight Loss Coach advocates that “IT’S NOT WHAT YOU’RE EATING; IT’S WHAT’S EATING YOU”. He presents a unique life changing interactive event on how to overcome the top 3 hidden obstacles to emotional eating.

If we only ate when we were hungry, few of us would have any weight concerns. That is the philosophy of Weight Loss Coach, Rob Sugar NLP who believes that people use food to mask problems or fill voids in their lives.

Unhappiness, stress, boredom, frustration etc. trigger cravings for “comfort foods” that are substitutes for love, security and control, etc. Food can be addictive. While addictions like tobacco or alcohol can be cured by abstaining or going cold turkey, we can’t stop eating. We can, however, raise our awareness and modify what we eat and why.

Following a specific diet is not the answer, says Merryl Bear, program coordinator at Toronto General Hospital. “Think of it this way,” says Sugar. “Diet mentality hasn’t worked, or you wouldn’t still be trying to lose weight. You’ve proven that diets don’t work. So instead of changing the way you eat, change the way you think”.

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