Hypertension :: Primary Hypertension – Malandrinum

A case of Primary Hypertension in a young man of 21 years, of wheatish complexion, 5’8″ height, average build, prominent belly, numerous chicken pox marks on face, few moles on left face, receding hairline, less body hair, gap in teeth and having long tapering fingers. He is jolly by nature, fun loving and one of the happy go lucky sorts- not taking anything too seriously though also very emotional.

Presenting Complaints:
He first consulted me when all of a sudden he started having bloody watery discharge from his nostrils. His B. P. when checked at that time was 160/110 mm Hg. The history revealed that during a routine check-up about 2-3 years back he was found with very high B. P. around 160/100. He did not have any complaints then and neither did he have in between till tonight when all of a sudden he had this bloody- watery nasal discharge. At this time he also felt a very slight “Stretching sensation” in the forehead. All his previous investigations revealed nothing and he took homoeopathic treatment for a few months but as there was no improvement he left it and has been off any form of treatment for over 1 year. But whenever he had his B. P. checked it would be somewhere in this range only.

– He is also having some eruptions on the nape of neck- (O/ E macular eruptions brownish in color); they have troubled him for over 1 yr; occasionally itching.
– Teeth are very sensitive to both hot and cold

Past illnesses:
– Chicken pox in 1989, which was very severe and lasted for 11/2 – 2 months; numerous marks left after recovery.
– Boils in Right axilla about 3 years back.
– Rashes in groins about 2 1/2 years back – took Graph 30 for it

Family illnesses:
Father- Hyperthyroidism; Chronic eczema; Hypertensive
Paternal Grandmother- Cancer of ??
Paternal uncle- Diabetes m, Hypertensive
Mother – Known case of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Eldest sister- Hypothyroidism
Elder sister- Acne Rosacea

Personal history:
Unmarried; Eggetarian; Working with his father in family business; No addictions

Appetite- Very good; increases if food is according tom his taste- can go on eating as if in a stage of no limits;
Thirst- O. K.; likes cold water
Craving- Butter +++; Curd +++; Seasonal fruits ++
Aversion- Spinach ++
Bowels- Normal
Urine- Normal
Sleep- On abdomen; in dark
Dreams- None marked or remembered
Perspiration- Profuse; on Face
Thermal reaction: HOT

Life and Circumstances:
Has had a very comfortable life, being the youngest child and only son in a business family; completed his graduation; and now has joined his father in business.

Being the youngest child and the only son in the family- though he does not have any bad habits, yet he is not at all serious about anything; is jolly by nature, fun loving and one of the happy go lucky sorts- not taking anything too seriously (not even his work or earlier studies) though also very emotional; enjoys going out with his friends; can’t stay alone; is also very sympathetic.

He was given Malandrinum 0/1 B. D. X 16 doses
To be followed by Placebo for a month.

Follow up:
His Blood Pressure followed up over the next one month showed a gradual reduction and at the end of exactly one month (since the first dose of Malandrinum 0/1 was administered) his Blood Pressure for the first time in over 2 years became 120/ 80 and a week later it became 110/70 also.
It has now been 2 months since then and his Blood Pressure has not dared to rise above the normal- no doubt due to the taming action of Malandrinum. And it would not be wrong to assume that he has been cured of his serious disease -Primary Hypertension.

From the desk of: Prof. L. M. Khan, M.D.(HOM.)
HOD, Deptt. Of Organon, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Chronic Disease & Psychology,
National Institute of Homoeopathy, Kolkata, India.

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