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Modern civilization owes an immense debt to ancient Greece. Almost everything that contributes to the interest and happiness of life originated in Greece. Philosophy and history, poetry and drama, sculpture and architecture, mathematics and astronomy, science and medicine; all had their roots there, and indeed attained in some instances a level of excellence which has never since been equalled.

Unani Medicine is based on the Greece philosophy. According to Basic Principals of Unani the body is made up of the four Basic elements i.e. Earth, Air, Water, Fire which have different Temperaments i.e. Cold, Hot, Wet, Dry.

After mixing and interaction of four elements a new compound having new temperament comes into existence i.e. Hot Wet, Hot Dry, Cold Wet, Cold Dry.

The body has the Simple and Compound Organs which got their nourishment through four Humours i.e. Blood, Phlegm, Yellow Bile, Black Bile. The humour also assigned temperament as blood is hot and wet, Phlegm is cold and hot, yellow bile is hot and dry and black bile is cold and dry.

Health is a state of Body in which there is equilibrium in the Humours and functions of the body are normal in accordance to its own temperament and the environment.

When the equilibrium of the Humours is disturbed and functions of the body are abnormal, in accordance to its own temperament and environment, that state is called Disease.

Unani medicine believes in Promotion of Health, prevention of diseases and cure.

Health of human is based on the six essentials (Asbabe Sitta Zaroorya) if these are followed health is maintained otherwise there will be diseases.

Six essentials are
1.Atmospheric Air
2.Drinks and Food
3.Sleep and Wakefulness
4.Excretion and Retention
5.Physical activity and rest
6. Mental activity and Rest.

Diseases are mainly diagnosed with the help of Pulse (Nabz), physical examination of the Urine and Stool. Also, patients are examined systematically to make the diagnosis easy as spot diagnosis with the help of simple, modern gadgets.

Diseases are treated in the following ways
1. Ilajbil Tadbeer (Regimenal Therapy)
2. Ilajbil Ghiza (Dietotherapy)
3. Ilajbil Dava (Pharmacotherapy)
4. Ilajbil Yad (Surgery)

1. Haj bit tadbeer (regimental therapy) includes venesection, cupping, diaphoresis, diuresis, turkish bath, massage, cauterization, purging, emesis, exercise and leeching.

2. Haj bil ghiza (dietotherapy) aims at treating certain ailments by administration of specific diets or by regulating the quantity and quality of food.

3. Haj bid dawa (pharmacotherapy) deals with the use of naturally occurring drugs mostly herbal, though drugs of animal and mineral origin are also used. Single drugs or their combinations in raw form are preferred over compound formulations. The materia medica of Unani medicine being vast, the medicines are easy to get, for most are available locally. Although general preference is for single drugs, compound formulations are also employed in the treatment of various complex and chronic disorders.

4. Jarahat (surgery) has also been in use in this system for long. The ancient physicians of Unani medicine were pioneers in this field and had developed their own instruments and techniques.

Unani system of medicine is one of the oldest system of medicine in the world it is still popular & practiced in Indian sub continent & other parts of the world.

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