High Blood Pressure – Hypertension & Homoeopathy

In today’s life very often we hear that the so and so person is suffering from High Blood Pressure or Hypertension. In social parties or gatherings it is a usual scene that some body or the other is refusing to take certain food items or dishes and found saying No! I can’t take this because of Salt or Fat restriction on my diet by the Doctor as I have Blood Pressure.

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Siddha :: Alternative medicine – Siddha Medicine – Introduction

Siddha system is one of the oldest systems of medicine in India. The term ‘Siddha’ means achievement and the ‘Siddhars’ were saintly figures who achieved results in medicine through the practice of Yoga. Eighteen ‘Siddhars’ seem to have contributed towards the development of this medical system.

Unani :: Alternative medicine – Unani Medicine – Introduction

Modern civilization owes an immense debt to ancient Greece. Almost everything that contributes to the interest and happiness of life originated in Greece. Philosophy and history, poetry and drama, sculpture and architecture, mathematics and astronomy, science and medicine; all had their roots there, and indeed attained in some instances a level of excellence which has never since been equalled.