HRT :: HRT less likely to develop diabetes

The North American Menopause Society in a revised position statement said that women taking hormone replacement therapy appear to be less likely to develop the diabetes disease.

Along with a lower risk of diabetes, benefits of HRT include fewer hot flashes; better sleep; a lower risk of colon cancer; stronger bones; and, potentially, improved blood pressure, lowered risk of dementia and better “heart health.”

Women taking HRT have a higher risk of stroke, blood clots and gall bladder disease, as well as a possible higher risk of ovarian cancer and poor bladder control. Breast cancer risk is higher for women taking HRT containing estrogen and progestin, but estrogen-only HRT might lower the risk of breast cancer.

The society in the revised position statement cited data from the Women’s Health Initiative that found women who used estrogen and progestin were 21% less likely to develop diabetes, while women who took only estrogen were 12% less likely to develop the condition.

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