Homoeopathic approach in management of Diabetes Mellitus – 3

Of course the homoeopathic system of therapeutics has certain limitations in the treatment of this disease especially IDDM due to the nature of the disease but it is quite effective in the management of early NIDDM and limiting the complications due to Diabetes mellitus.

Homoeopathic literature is full of the information for the management of diabetes. Most of the authors suggests that the constitutional approach is always the better one but organopathic drugs are also have their role in the management of the disease.

Rubrics from Complete Repertory for Management of Diabetes Mellitus
1. MIND, Dullness, sluggishness, difficulty of thinking and comprehending, Diabetes in.
2. MIND: Absentminded, albuminuria in
3. MIND: Anxiety, future about, albuminuria in.
4. MIND, Fear, Diabetes in.
5. MIND, Irritability, Diabetes in.
6. MIND: Memory, weakness, loss of : Diabetes in.
7. MIND: Prostration of mind, mental exhaustion, brain fag: Diabetes in.
8. MIND: Sadness, despondency, depression, melancholy: Diabetes in.
9. EYE: Inflammation, albuminuria, with.
10. EYE: Inflammation, Retina, Diabetic.
11. TEETH: Caries, decayed, hollow: Diabetes in.
12.STOMACH: Appetite, Ravenous, canine, excessive, emaciation with: Diabetes during.
13. URINE: Sugar.
14. MALE GENITALIA: Erections, troublesome, wanting, impotence: Diabetes with.
15. MALE GENITALA: Erections, troublesome, incomplete: Diabetes with.
16. MALE GENITALA: Sexual desire, Diminished: Diabetes attach, during.
17. FEMALE GENITALA: Menses, Suppressed, Diabetic attack, during.
18. EXTRIMITIES: Gangrene, diabetic.
19. EXTRIMITIES: Swelling, Ankle: Diabetes in.
20. EXTRIMITIES PAIN: General, Rheumatic: Diabetes in.
21. EXTRIMITIES PAIN: Joints, Gouty: Diabetes with.
22. SLEEP: Sleepiness, albuminuria in.
23. SLEEP: Sleeplessness, Diabetes in.
24. SKIN: Gangrene Diabetes in.
25. SKIN: Ulcers, Diabetic.
26. SKIN: Itching: Diabetes in.
27. GENERALITIES: Blackness of external parts, Gangrene, Diabetic.
28. GENERALITIES: Diabetes.
29. GENERALITIES: Weakness, enervation, exhaustion, prostration, infirmity: Diabetes Mellitus in.
30. GENERALITIES: Discoloration, blackness of external parts, Gangrene Diabetic.

Rubrics from Homoeopathic Medical Repertory useful for management of Diabetes mellitus

1. Eyes, retinitis, diabetic.
2. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, debility with.
3. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Gangrenes, boils carbuncles and diarrhea with.
4. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Gastro-hepatic origin.
5. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, gouty symptoms with.
6. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Impotence with.
7. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Melancholia, emaciation, thirst and restlessness with.
8. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Motor paralysis with.
9. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, nervous origin.
10. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, Pancreatic origin.
11. Generals: Diabetes mellitus, rapid course with.
12. Generals: Diabetes mellitus.

Rubrics from Phatak’s Repertory for the management of diabetes mellitus
1. Ankles, Swelling Diabetes in.
2. Diabetes mellitus.
3l. Gangrene, Diabetic.
4. Impotence (erection incomplete, failing), diabetes with.
5. Itching, Diabetes in.
6. Menses, Disturbances of (in general, Diabetes in.
7. Retina, Inflammation, Diabetic.
8. Teeth, Decay, caries, hollow, Diabetes in.
9. Urine, Saccharine (see diabetes mellitus).
10. Urine, Specific gravity, Increased (see diabetes mellitus).

Most commonly indicated medicine for the management of Diabetes mellitus are-
Phosphoric acid.
Lactic acid.
Syzygium jambolinum.
Uranium nitrate.
Helonias dioca.

The list is very long but, the above mentioned medicines are those which are most frequently occurs for the patients presenting with the symptoms of type 2 diabetes mellitus. But one thing should be very clear in the minds of homoeopathic prescriber that these medicines should not be prescribed simply for diabetes, but should be prescribed for the patient suffering from the disease strictly on the basis of totality of symptoms. some of the leading indications for some of the most important or most commonly indications are as follows-

Hot patient.
Desire for sweets.
Desire for warm food.
Appetite ravenous
Thirst profuse.
Stool early morning.
Urine involuntary.
Sleep disturbed
Dream vivid
Wound healing delayed
Burning palms and soles.

Natrum mur.
Hot patient.
Desire salt.
Aversion milk.
Sweat from palms and soles.
Appetite increased.
Thirst profuse.
Desire to be alone.
Consolation <
Fear of robbers.
Fear of thunder storms.
Desires bitter.

Phosphoric acid
General nervous debility.
Rest aggravates.
Chilly patient.
Creeping, tingling and crawling sensation over the whole body.
Falling of hairs from all over the body.
Any attempt to use the mind brings on headache.
Disappointed love.
Milky white urine.

Chilly patient
Desire for cold drinks.
Aversion for sweats.
Ailments from being alone.
Amorous disposition.
Anxiety about future.
Anxious dreams.
Cloudy urine.

Uranium Nitricans
Depression, sadness, melancholy.
Tendency for anger.
Ailments from grief, sorrow etc.
Albuminuria with Cardiac problems.
Appetite excessive.
Thirst increased for large quantities.
Urination involuntary < night.
Impotence with seminal emissions.

Lactic acid
Voracious hunger.
Increased thirst.
Profuse urine.
Association rheumatic pains.
Trembling of the whole body while walking.
Aggravation from smoking.

Helonias Dioca

Contradiction intolerance of.
Dullness, sluggishness and difficulty in comprehension
Company and conversation aversion to.
Mania to work.
Riding or motion aggravates.
Dropsy with albuminuria.
Gestational diabetes.
Aversion and aggravation from open air Emaciation.

Syzygium jamb.
Prickly heat eruption especially on upper part of the body.
Old non healing ulcers.
Profuse urine great thirst.

Dr. M.P. Singh
Dr. A.C.Hom.med.college, Bhubaneswar.

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