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Homeopathy :: Myths regarding Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy – a system of medicine, which in my opinion is the least understood by the common man. Although in recent past it has gained much fame but yet most of the population is not aware of the benefits one can extract out of this science.

Certain myths regarding homoeopathy, which we are trying to clear, are:

First of all that homoeopathy is slow—actually in our opinion now a days in typical fast life of metropolitan cities, people are in habit of everything fast. People now a days are not concerned with whatever they are going to face after that fast momentarily relief.

We think, it is never a science that is slow, be it homoeopathy, allopathy or ayurvedic, it is always the doctor who makes it slow. It is always the lack of knowledge of the practicing physician.

Homoeopathy is not a pathy that can be practiced just by reading few books on homoeopathy. Does anyone care to read what all is written THE ORGANON-the philosophy on which this science is based.

Dr. Hanhemann who being an allopath devoted most of his life in discovering this science and people here try to prescribe by reading a handful of books and then the statement—-It does not work ,,it is tooo slow!!!!!

Even only finding out the remedy is not enough for homoeopathic prescription. Many other principles are to be followed what potency to be given (scale of homoeopathic drugs), its repetition etc.

Most of the cases a homoeopath treats are the one spoiled by the leading physicians and as the last option left people come to us to just TRY homoeopathy. Why not to start with homoeopathy?

Every science has its own limitations, so does Homoeopathy. Can modern system of medicine CURE respiratory or skin diseases or the diseases related to the mind, the inner self or the highest faculty of the patient.

We don’t think that if a science is giving u life long relief from a disease and then even if it is slow (although it is not) is bad.

CURE – a simple four-letter word for other systems of medicine but for a homoeopath it means much more. To cure a patient is to relieve him of all his sufferings without leaving any side effects, which is not possible at least in so called modern medicine.

We never want to impart that it is unwise to use other systems of medicine as for critical emergencies where there is no time for thorough case taking, should be managed by modern medicine but i think if for that management also along with other medicines homoeopathic medicines are used patient is undoubtedly going to recover in a much better way.

The other misconception about homoeopathy is that it brings out all the diseases on skin and other diseases from which a patient suffered. The basic thing is that it’s never like that it brings out all diseases, it is only a process of cure during which certain eruptions or other skin lesions may occur or in other words all those diseases which a patient suffered from but which were not cured properly may recur in a milder form which constitutes a part in the process of cure. Skin is the most superficial organ of our body and therefore, any disease confined to skin is the least dangerous unless until it is suppressed by any kind of medicated ointments.

Although this thing might seem obscure but after many experiments and observations it has been seen that most of the skin suppressions lead to respiratory troubles but when treated homeopathically in the process of cure when any skin lesion appears the patient himself feels relieved in his respiratory troubles and moreover in any kind of chronic ailments when any milder form of disease (colds, fever, diarrhoea etc) appears it is always considered as a welcome sign.

In nature also it is seen that the diseases like measles or chicken pox, which are self-limiting, if not disturbed, always get cured in the reverse order of the symptoms as it appeared.

It’s in nature of the disease to get cured in the reverse order of its appearance. The symptoms first to appear are always last to disappear. It is only in a process of cure to save more vital organs so that the disease should remain confined to the least vital organs.

The other problem is the method of its administration; people now days are so much used of taking bulk of tablets at a single time that the concept of least medicine is difficult to make them understand.

They don’t understand that human body itself has some inner defense mechanisms; we just trigger that with our medicines and the rest all is left to the body, which always try to do some good for the patient. There is no need of excess medicine to the body, only the amount of medicine required should be given. Homoeopathy is the only science where the more you dilute the more effective and higher in potency it becomes.

Some people also have this thinking that homoeopathy is only confined to and useful for general colds, cough, fever etc. but that’s not the fact, it is a well-proved science and complete its own. These ailments being difficult for modern medicines to treat people come to our science.

According to homoeopathic concept of disease, it is always first the patient at his mental level is diseased followed by his physical body. Every person has certain grief, sorrows, disappointments from life but it depends from person to person how he reacts to it. As every person is a different individual all his reactions to certain situations are different. And the beauty of this system is that it changes the way a patient thinks or behaves in a particular situation.
Many cases have been seen as for example… sometimes excess of anger may give to some colic (pain any kind of).. So in this case we may prescribe on the basis of ailments from anger and again as I earlier said there must be around 20 medicines having this symptom but which one suits the patient is the main criteria. That’s where the knowledge of medicine comes into picture. Similarly even seizures (fits) coming on after a fit of anger can be prescribed on such basis with wonderful results.

There may be many preconceived notions but unless one try to understand and try it no amount of articles can proof its efficacy. One should always remember that it is never a science that fails but that doctor. Homoeopathy requires much of study and research because there must be much more hidden which can bring it to high standards.

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