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In the present era after getting fed up with the untoward effects and reactions of the so called modern medicine the people are converging towards homoeopathy in the hope that homoeopathic medicines are safer and cause no side effects whatsoever.

There are still numerous false notions are in vogue about homoeopathy in general public. (such as – homoeopathic medicines act slowly; the treatment takes longer time; the homoeopathic medicines do not act on smokers, on people of sedentary habits; that in acute cases it is better to take allopathic treatment first and after there is some relief than homoeopathic treatment may be started; and so on so forth.).

I often hear people making such comments in my general practice, and such comments are not based on imagination. The commentators talk so from their experience. I happen to meet such people who say that homoeopathic medicines do not act upon them. Such fellows have taken homoeopathic treatment for months at a stretch, but could not find relief in the least.

When such comments come into notice they compel one to cudgel one’s brains, who is responsible for creating all such false notions?

On reflecting seriously on all such comments one reached the conclusion that the homoeopathic physicians themselves are solely responsible. This responsibility is many pronged. Let us ask ourselves a few questions seriously:

(1) Do we have ourselves full faith in homoeopathy?

(2) Do we study and try to understand ORGANON in its real sense?

(3) Do we understand the personality of the individuals with respect to their healthy state; change in personality of each individual under the influence of each individual disease and the change in personality of each individual under the influence of each individual drug?

(4) Do we try to choose proper remedy according to its adaptability to the disease personality?

(5) Do we use proper dose?

(6) Do we can decide accurately when to repeat the dose?

(7) Do we can properly decide when it is proper time for the second prescription?

(8) Do we keep proper record of each individual patient so that we may keep proper track on the progress and the changes taking place under our care of each individual patient?

(9) Do we understand how to manage the case, with respect to the mode of diet, mode of living and the precautions to be observed so the recovery should be faster?

These are some important questions among many others, which require great attention to increase ones proficiency in homoeopathic science and thus creating faith for homoeopathy in the hearts of the suffering people and the general public so that this science of healing may really become the sure, safer and the most popular system of CURE of coming future.

In the Lectures on Homoeopathic Philosophy Dr. Kent advises the students of homoeopathy at one place, “If you know your remedies, as well as you know your intimate friends, they will never let you down.”

Now, again the question arises, “Do we make acquaintance with our remedies so well?

During past thirty five years of my practice I did get confirmation of Dr. Kent’s above quoted citation a number of times not only in general practice, but, even in emergencies. Many times I was called in the middle of night to see a patient in distress, even in such cases the patients often did get prompt relief from the homoeopathic remedies and the patients themselves requested me to go home and rest.

I may, here, be allowed to quote a case to show how homoeopathy may earn a bad name.

Mr. N.. aged 75 was attacked by herpes zoster in right arm about a year ago, which extended up to his shoulder.? He had been under the care of a homoeopathic physician for a month. But, in place of getting the trouble better it became worse; the condition of the patient became miserable. The herpetic ulcers became like the wounds of third degree burns, whole arm emaciated greatly. All the joints stiffened so much so that he became unable to move or lift the arm up, even an inch. As far the pain is concerned; it was simply an agony, all around the clock. Due to the continuous distress the patient became very much emaciated and his complexion dark. The patient has invincible faith in homoeopathy, but at this stage it was getting shaken up.

At this stage he came to me for help. Though he had been a well off man, moreover his only son is a Bank Manager, but, due to neglect of his son he has no money to manage even his bread, not to say of meeting expenses of treatment. I suppose had he had money he would have not thought to seek the homoeopathic help, after becoming so miserable after a month long homoeopathic treatment. Anyhow, when I came to know all this, I promised him all the help free of cost and without any obligation.

Under my care with the homoeopathic remedies, the patient started improving in a short time, though slowly but steadily and now after about a year, he himself commits 95 percent improvement in his overall health and the herpetic neuralgia as well. Now he moves his arm in nearly normal way with ease.

Many other examples may be quoted in other kinds of diseases in this context. I do not claim that I achieve success in all the cases that come to me for help. I fail to relieve patients in a number of cases, but I try to proceed systematically, so that I can analyze my own work and rectify my failures.

The aim of writing this article is to try to emphasize the need of the hour, so that the homoeopathic physicians may do some heart searching, while practicing the science of cure. Our proper work will lead this science to the helms of popularity and faith. And, will fulfill the expectations of the suffering people.

I feel that, when I am going to prescribe for a patient, I am actually going to temper with his life, therefore, it becomes my prime duty, firstly, to be very cautious so that at least the patient must not be harmed due to my act. And secondly, he should get rid of the malady gently, rapidly and permanently with help of my prescription. Moreover I must have an answer for how and why about my prescription.

You see the medical profession is the noblest profession, therefore, we must be honest to it, and our honesty will create faith in the hearts of masses, thus homoeopathy will go on thriving.

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