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Homeopathy :: What Is Homoeopathy?

Is Homoeopathy herbal? Is it a system of traditional medicine? There are many questions arising throughout the globe wherever I meet people. Let us proceed and discuss the above questions.

Homoeopathy is neither herbal nor a traditional medicine. It is a philosophy of being healthy. And to be healthy one needs to know the do’s and don’ts. When one falls sick medicinal aids are necessary. What, when and ho / to take medicine is very well stated in this new philosophy of being healthy-Homoeopathy.

In homoeopathy, use of medicine is based on the law which is commonly known as – “Poison to be treated by Poison”, “Iron is cut by Iron.” This old, general remark though found in old scriptures of Ayurveda could never be used for the treatment of sick. This was made true in the field of medicine by one German allopathic doctor, Samuel Hahnemann in the year 1796. This idea originated in Hahnemann’s mind while translating one book where a phrase was written:

“Substances which provoke one kind of fever stop various kinds of intermittent fever.” That means fever cures fever.

On this basis he did many experiments with different medicinal substances thus formulating the law – Similia Similibus Curentur -Let likes be treated by likes. In other words, its practice is founded on the search for a similarity between the collection of symptoms shown by the patient and collection of the symptoms that are noticed during experimental administration of the strong dose of a medicinal substance to a healthy person. For example:

1. A strong dose of Ipecac induces vomiting. In a homoeopathic dose, it becomes one of the remedies for persistent nausea and vomiting.

2. Coffee prevents sleep for most people; in a homoeopathic dose it is used to counter sleeplessness.

3. Strong dose of opium causes constipation. A homoeopathic dose of opium is used in the treatment of constipation.

With the application of this, a sick can be cured, a healthy person can get prevention from different infections and other diseases. Such ill persons whose illness has advanced beyond limit can be helped at least by reducing the severity and progress of disease, which increases the life span of the person from few weeks to few years with productivity of life.

It is common with the regular medicine on the following points:

1. Both maintain the balance between inner and outer environment – homoeostasis.

2. Both study the sick by its signs, symptoms and other required tests and examinations.

3. Both agree on the causes of illness – microorganisms, body resistance and environment.

4. Both agree on the methods of hygiene to prevent illnesses.

Both differ on the following:

1. The other system of medicine tries to maintain balance by Chemical Power, but homoeopathy does it by stimulating the organism’s vital power, of course by chemicals but given in such a minute dose that cannot be traced by the usual chemical methods.

2. The other system kills microorganism, but homoeopathy raises the resistance of the person.

3. The other system gives medicine in large doses but homoeopathic dose is very small.

4. In the other system, medicines are known by experiments on animals but homoeopathy does experiments on humans.

In nutshell, the regular system of medicine though shows a sudden magic effect on the symptoms of the diseases but does not root it out. But on the other hand, homoeopathy roots out the diseases quickly and permanently.

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