Warts :: Homeopathy and Wart

The paper describes two studies, one to evaluate the efficacy of selected homeopathic drugs in the treatment of warts and secondly to evaluate the efficacy of Calc carb in the treatment of Molluscum contagiosum. Warts are one of the most common dermatological disorders. They are caused by DNA viruses, which grow in the epidermis. The source of infection is uncertain; it may be from infected individuals by direct contact, although the degree of infectivity is very low. Casual contact is unlikely to cause infection.

Two types of placebo-controlled double blind clinical trials were undertaken: a crossover study involving 43 cases and a parallel group design involving 104 cases. The medicines were given orally for 15 days with 3Uc being given three times daily, 200c twice daily, and 1M daily. They included Ruta, Nitric acid, Dulcamara, Causticum and Thuja. In general the results for the groups taking homeopathic remedies were far superior to those taking placebo. Among results of individual medicines Thuja was found to be the most useful for waits and Calc carb for Molluscum.

Double blind placebo controlled clinical trials of homoeopathic medicines in warts and Molluscum contagiosum.
RK Manchanda, N Mehan, R Bahl and R Atey
CCRH Quarterly Bulletin 1997; 19: 25-29

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