Warts :: Types of warts

Warts, also called verrucas, are small growths caused by human Papilloma viruses. The viruses invade skin cells and encourage them to multiply thus creating thickened areas of skin. Warts usually occur on the hands or feet and are generally harmless. However, some types affect the genitals and are more serious. Thus the source of infection is other infected individuals. These occur both in adults and children.

Warts are transferred by direct contact, with an infected person or from Virus particles on recently shed flakes of skin. The infection is commonly spread in warm, moist condition. The number of warts vary from one or two to several hundred. People with reduced immunity due to diseases may develop large numbers of warts.

WHAT ARE THE TYPES? : – The different varieties of warts include the following.

Planter Warts: -These warts occur on the soles of the feet. Although Planter Warts are the same as common warts, they grow in to the skin because they are continually under pressure from the weight of the body, Plantar warts are, usually flattened in to the sole of the foot, firm, with a thickened surface, usually painful to walk on, dotted with tiny, black spots

Common Warts: – These warts occur on any part of the body but are most commonly present on the dorsum of the

Hands and finger. They are, firm with a rough, raised surface, usually round, dotted with tiny, black spots. The black spots are small blood vessels. Common Warts often grow in groups, which are known as Crops.

Flat Warts: – They are commonly present on the wrist, backs of hands, and face. Flat Warts vary in size and are skin colored, Flat topped and very slightly raised. often itchy. These Warts often occur in lines where the virus has spread a long a scratch.

Filiform Warts: – These are finger- like projections with irregular surface and are usually seen on the neck, face scalp.

Genital Warts or Condyloma Acuminate: -These Warts are usually transmitted through sexual exposure. The virus causing the genital warts is human papilloma virus (HPV) different from the virus causing warts on the other parts of the body. The condition is reported more frequently by men than by women, probably because warts are more visible on the penis. However, an infected person can transmit the virus to sexual partners.

The Warts appear from a few weeks to as long as 20 months after infection. They are soft with a rough surface and are usually painless. Genital Warts enlarge rapidly, and in some instances, the growths cluster together in one area.

In men warts may occur on the shaft of the penis or less commonly on the foreskin, the glans (Head of the penis), and around the anus. In women, the growths may appear on the vulva (the external part of the female genitals) inside the vagina, on the cervix, and around the anus .The warts may also occur in the rectum as a result of infection through anal intercourse, and in the mouth following oral sex. If a pregnant women has genital warts, there is a risk that the infection will be transmitted to her baby during delivery.

HOMOEOPATHIC APPROACH – The Warts are mere reflection of some deep seated diseases in the human being and they can be treated very simple by treating the patients as a whole an homeopathic lines.

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