Warts :: Multiple Warts – Medorrhinum

Mr. X, aged 33 yrs., presented with complaints of multiple warts on the face for the last one and a half yrs. More on right side.

Past History – Burning in micturition off and on.
Itching in penis before marriage. Took allopathic treatment.

Took homoeopathy treatment for warts for 1 yr.

Family History – N.S.

Physical Generals – T/R – Ambithermal
App. – Normal
Thirst – Normal
Stool – Normal
Sleep – Normal: on abdomen.
Addiction – Gutka since 10 yrs.

First Prescription (08/06/2002) – Medorrhinum 1 M 1 dose followed by S/L for 2 weeks.

Follow Ups –

25/06/2002 – Increased. S/L 2 weeks.

13/07/2002 – Warts have completely disappeared and he was dancing in my clinic.

Comments – Anticipating that he was given Thuja for his warts and his past history of itching in penis and his sleep position, Medorrhinum was chosen as 1st prescription.

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