Homeopathy :: Can it be possible & when?

In my views the need of the hours is to have full fledged homoeopathic hospitals with all modern gadgets/infrastructure so that all sort of treatment can be given to the sick. Will it be possible? And when?

An obese 26 yrs old lady having history of recurrent missed abortions, hypertension, toxo-positive blood and suffering from so many other complications walked into my hospital along with her husband.

On thorough case taking, she was prescribed her constitutional remedy.

After three months or so they were advised to take chance for pregnancy .The very next month it was positive .Up till 8 months of pregnancy period ,she was given placebo or some acute remedy as and when needed .

Now she and her husband asked for the lady doctor or any other good hospital where she has to deliver her child .It may be recalled here that during her pervious two pregnancies (which she missed) she used to get acute high B.P., symptoms of eclampsia and other associated complaints. Most of the period she use to be hospitalized .But during this pregnancy period she was at home doing almost all her house hold chores .

Instead of synthetic iron /BC/CAL tablets she was given diet with high nutritional value.

She opted to deliver her child in a famous hospital of near by town .The consulting obst & gynaecologist of that hospital after rechecking her all investigations , snubbed her a lot because of positive toxoplasm test. The doctor and the pathologist asked this patient why your homoeopathic doctor is not attending your delivery too or doing surgery , on whom you have so much faith? This irritated this patient she went to D.M.C. hospital Ldh. Where on the same day she delivered a healthy female baby under C/S ,without any pre or post operative complaints .

Another case of Rh. Heart disease ,a young lady of about 26 years old is under my treatment with good results in follow ups, already having decayed teeth. When this patient was quite stable I referred this case to a dentist for dental checkup /tooth filling /extraction if necessary . Though this doctor didn?t give any anti biotic/or painkiller to my patient but other allopathic medicines used during filling or extraction made this patient quiet disturbed ,physically as well as mentally.

An old man of about 60 yrs, a chronic case of asthma was quite stable with my classical homoeo-treatment, used to complaining of diminished vision .I referred this man to a famous eye specialist of the town, who diagnosed this as senile cataract and advised him to go for surgery. Because of allopathic drugs used during, before and after the operation, till day he never gained his health.

One more case about which I will like to share with the readers.

The small male child of about 17-18 days old suffering form severe congenital heart abnormality. The parents of this child brought this child to me for treatment of acute vomiting since the very moment of his coming to the life. Treated at various reputed institutions at Ludhiana & Chandigarh by super specialist doctors but could not give any relief to this ailing child. After thorough case taking and examining, I prescribed a dose of Phos 30. After initial < this child responded well and stopped vomiting after 3-4 days. Used to take mother?s milk and gaining weight after my subsequent treatment .In the last week of Nov 2000 when I was away to attend National convention of IIHP at New Delhi, the parents of the child took this child to Escort hospital Delhi for checkup and surgical intervention. When this child was put to various investigative procedures (given tranquilizers, anesthetic agents), he breathed his last there only.
I remember a case worth mentioning here.

It was a simple case of otitis media due to accumulation of wax/fungus in both ears of a young man of 40 .The homoeo physician (my friend) first tried with medicines but of little or no relief .He was referred to one ENT specialist to get it removed .The ENT specialist doctor removed the wax from his ears and gave him number of medicine .Not only this ,he incited the patient to go for litigation against the homoeo physician for inflicting harm to him. However we settled the case after prolonged persuasion.

There cases are tip of the iceberg that my colleagues and me might be coming across during their routine homoeopathic practice. My idea of writing this article is not to malign allopathic system or any particular system/doctors but to highlight the obstacles coming in the way of true system .Now in my views the need of the hours is to have full fledged homoeopathic hospitals with all modern gadgets/infrastructure so that all sort of treatment can be given to the sick. Will it be possible? And when?

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