Homeopathy :: The gaps in homoeopathy

How many of us know that Formica (ants), apis (bee), vespa (wasp), toad are nothing but simple drain on the Materia Medica ? That the pages of our Materia medica are simply wasted by these so called drugs? That where really we need to give Aconite Nap, we end up giving Apis? That none of them do really come into play if we really stick to the rules of the prescription ? And to this, we are going to add more unwanted material like plutonium ?

2) How many of us really know that proving is not at all advisable experience contrary to what is laid down that proving benefits public. That proving is an experience worse than of a suffering in-patient at hospital

3) That new diseases are planted in our poor patients if we do not respect rules in Homeopathy ( only the rules of Hahnemann)?

4) That JT Kent wrote when his hair became grey and his mind became rich that prescribing without knowing constitutional symptoms is dangerous and hazardous while a young Kent at another place in Materia medica under ‘Calc phos’ wrote that a mother who has produced two calc phos children need to be given calc phos to prevent a third calc phos child ( without studying the symptomology of the mother). Both were the same person–JT Kent. That the same prescription should be continued without changing the medicine while at another place he spoke of cognates and series and second prescription different from first. That while at one place he wrote that one should go higher and higher the series of attenuations while the same Kent with grey hair and complete experience wrote that the dose given above the limit laid by founder of homeopathy is a deadly error.

5) All these remind of only one approach–the approach of Hahnemann–the gentlest approach–the gentle mode of curing

Dr. Vergeese

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