Arthritis :: Pathogenesis of medicines for swelling of joints

This is a compilation of most effective homeopathic medicines for joints complaints.

Aconitum napellus – Injuries. Touch: causes loud screams; pains worse; eyeballs sensitive; soreness in pit of stomach agg; pains of peritonitis agg; lower abdomen sensitive; larynx sensitive; excites spasms; hip painful; rheumatic swelling of joints sensitive; chilly.

Actaea spicata – Swelling of joints from slight fatigue. Wrist swollen, red, worse any motion.
– Small joints swell after walking.

Agnus castus – Inflammatory, rheumatic swelling of joints.
– Pain as if dislocated in joints.
– Joints easily twisted.
– Rheumatic and gouty nodosities on joints.

Anantherum muricatum – Rheumatic pains and swelling of joints.
– Diseased and deformed nails.

Apis mellifica – Wrist and finger joints swollen, stiff in right hand, contracted to a fist, extension impossible; in left hand other persons could stretch fingers, but they bent again immediately if let loose.

Arum triphyllum – Left : stitches over eye; quivering of eyelid; burning in ear; parotid sore; nostril stopped and sore; pain in inferior maxillary joint; swollen submaxillary glands; toothache; pain in margin of tongue; pain under short ribs; soreness and lumps in mamma; pain and soreness in lung and arm; pain above knee, in tibia and in foot.

Aurum muriaticum – Violent rheumatic fever, with painful swelling of joints; leaving joints and attacking heart.

Belladonna – Joints swollen, red, hot, shining, with red streaks radiating.

Berberis vulgaris – Tearing on back of fingers, chiefly in joints, frequently with stiffness, heaviness and swelling of joints; agg. by moving and touching.
– Sufferings agg. by fatigue.

Bryonia alba – Rheumatism, with redness and swelling of joints; motion is intolerable.
– Limbs and joints swell, become red, and are very sensitive to touch or motion.

Calcarea carbonica – Softening of bones; fontanelles remaining open too long, and skull very large; swelling of joints.
– Swelling of joints, especially knee.

Causticum – Serous swellings of joints, with but slight inflammation; great irritation of cuticle; tendency to white swelling.

China officinalis – Joints swollen; very sensitive, with dread or open air.

Colchicum autumnale – Left elbow and knee-joints swollen, hot, painful, while the right side was partially paralyzed and nearly devoid of sensation.

Digitalis purpurea – Shining, white swelling of joints.
– Swelling in the knee, like steatoma.

Guajacum officinale – Rheumatic swelling of joints.
– Joints swollen, painful, and intolerant of pressure; can bear no heat.
– It acts on mucous membranes, muscles, joints and bones, and causes contraction of tendons with resulting deformity.

Hepar sulphur – Red and hot swelling of joints of hands and fingers.
– Finger-joints swollen; tendency to easy dislocation.

Hippozaeninum – Painful swelling: of joints.
– Obscure pain in limbs, most in muscles and joints.

Ignatia amara – After catching cold, pain in limbs, followed by gouty swellings of joints; chorea.

Kalium chloricum – All joints swollen could not stay in bed a single night.

Kalium muriaticum – Finger-joints swollen.

Lac caninum – Bruised pains in soles making it difficult to walk; in twelve days pains suddenly left soles, and appeared in r. knee joint, being smarting, lancinating, with light swelling of joint; could not move affected limb, as least motion agg pains, as did touch and pressure of bedclothes; on following day left knee joint affected in same way, right amel; on ensuing day right again affected, with relief to left; afterwards hip joints attacked alternately with same symptoms, alternating like these in pains and swelling, left joints one day with amel. of right, and vice versa; also lancinating pains in left side of chest; after four days wrist joints affected, first right, with same symptoms as those of lower extremities, symptoms of one side of body alternating with those of other; not able to move himself in bed, lancinating pains made him cry out; constipation, sleeplessness, no fever; pains and swelling agg. every evening, night, by movement, touch and pressure of bedclothes; numb pains chiefly in ankles aggravated.

Lachesis mutus – Bluish swelling of joints, after sprains.

Lacticum acidum – Joints swollen, not tender, stiff.
– Constant nausea; nausea on awaking; before rising is an indication when occurring in rheumatism.
Ledum palustre – Low, asthenic cases (maltreated by large doses of Colchicum); lancinating, tearing pains; agg. by motion and before midnight, when joints feel so hot he throws off all covering; oedematous swelling of joint which may feel cold to touch; affects chiefly left shoulder and right hip joint; habitual gout in articulations of hands and feet; ball of great toe sore and painful; soles very sensitive; tendons stiff; gouty nodosities in joints; fine tearing pains in toes.

Manganum aceticum – Red and shining (rheumatic) swelling of joints, sometimes in consequence of a chill.

Mercurius solubilis – Rheumatism, especially in cases of syphilitic origin or complication, affecting joints, bones, or periosteum, swelling of joints, pale or slightly red, puffy or oedematous; pains tearing, drawing, shooting, pressing; in bones as if broken; in joints as if sprained; agg. evenings and at night, and insupportable in heat of bed; accompanied by profuse sweat (often sour or offensive smelling) without amel. pains. – Swelling of joints of fingers.
– Rheumatic and arthritic pains; tearing stinging, agg. at night in warm bed; with profuse sweat, no relief; oedema of affected parts, especially of feet and ankles; joints swollen, pale or slightly red.

Oleum jecoris aselli – Rheumatism of long standing; patient confined to bed or room, and only in warm summer months experienced a slight alleviation of her sufferings; nearly whole body was attacked, but principally inferior extremities, sacrum, back and shoulders; walking was entirely prevented by the insupportable pains, stiffness and swelling of joints; a kind of hectic fever and constant nightly exacerbations destroyed all repose; patient was wasted, of a bleachy whiteness, of a cachetic appearance and habit, and had lost all hope of relief.

Phosphoricum acidum – Swelling of joint of great toe, with burning, throbbing, and incisive, dull pains on being touched.
– Bruised pain in all joints in morning, and in arms and legs.

Phosphorus – Soft parts of joints swollen.
– Weakness in all the limbs as if paralyzed; esp. in joints, trembling from every exertion.

Phytolacca decandra – Painful, hard, shiny swelling of joints of all fingers.
– The pains of Phytolacca come and go suddenly; move about, radiate from a centre, or change place.

Piper nigrum – Inflammation and swelling of joints.
– Spasms with titanic stiffness of limbs. – agg. from motion; in evening; in damp weather.

Pulsatilla pratensis – Redness and swelling of joints, with stinging pains.
– Drawing, tearing pains in limbs, shifting rapidly from place to place; agg. at night, from warmth; amel. from uncovering.

Rhamnus californica – Inflammatory rheumatism, joints swollen, painful; tendency to metastasis; profuse sweat.
– One of the most positive remedies for rheumatism and muscular pains.
– Unable to control muscular action.
– Walked like a drunken man.
Rhododendron chrysanthum – Acute inflammatory swelling of joints, wandering from one joint to another, and at times reappearing in joint first affected; pains particularly severe at night; agg. in rest and during rough, stormy weather.

Rhus toxicodendron – Rheumatoid pains in limbs: with numbness and tingling; joints weak, stiff, or red; shining swelling of joints, stitches when touched; agg. on beginning to move, after 12 P.M., and in wet, damp weather or places; amel. from continued motion.
– Hot, painful swelling of joints.
– For six months stiff wrist joint, swollen and painful; pain agg. after rest when first beginning to move the joint, after washing in cold water, by cold generally, change of weather, in a feather bed, by exertion in morning after night”s rest, and in evening.

Silicea terra – Children or young people suffering during growth with fever, violent pains in joints, swelling of limbs and congestions.

Solanum tuberosum aegrotans – Joints swollen and very painful.
– Sense of weariness in all the limbs on waking.
– Inclination to stretch the limbs.

Spigelia anthelmia – Severe stitching pains in cardiac region; violent palpitation, perceptible to eye; dyspnoea on moving in bed; oppression of chest; anxiety; slight cyanosis of upper lip; heartbeat weak; increased area of dullness on percussion; friction sounds; pulse weak, 120; had swelling of joints of right thumb, knee, foot and elbow; dark brown sediment in urine; loss of appetite; sleeplessness. Tearing pain in phalanges of right thumb; tearing in right thigh.

Staphysagria – Mercurial bone diseases: pain in bones with a debilitated feeling in joints; swelling of bones; boring stitches in right tibia; drawing, with pressure, in outer part of tibia; periostitis, and osteitis, running their course together, with very severe pains; scrofulous osteitis.

Sticta pulmonaria – Rheumatism in right ankle joint, swollen and very painful; could not get about without help of cane.
– Sharp, darting, lancinating pain, first in knee joints, then in elbow and shoulder; finger joints were next involved, gradually extended to every joint in body; intense pain in neck and head; joints swollen and stiff; cannot sleep for pain, can scarcely walk; of six months” duration.

Sulphur – Arthritic swelling of joints, with cracking on motion.
– Weariness, cracking, swelling of joints.
– Inflammatory swelling of joints, with heat and redness.

Teplitz aqua – Knee-joint: swollen, stiff; cracking in; aching in patella.
– Weariness and heaviness.
– Tearing, drawing, shooting in limbs, esp. joints.

Terebinthiniae oleum – Joints swollen stiff; pain on motion.
– Numbness of limbs.
– Sensation of stiffness in all the muscles, with difficult, slow, stooping gait, as in old age.
Veratrum viride – Inflammatory rheumatism affecting knees, ankles and hips; joints swollen, red, very painful and tender; high fever; loss of appetite; much sweat without relief; red streak down centre of tongue, white at edge.

Viola odorata – Rheumatism of right side; upper and lower extremities; lancinating pains in joints of fingers of right hand: right wrist joint painful, swollen, stiff and cannot be moved without great pain; right shoulder slightly painful, but no swelling; right foot and ankle joints painful, swollen, least motion painful, almost impossible; right knee joint swollen and painful; wandering pains, occasionally in right side of head; no fever; heart normal; slightly emaciated; motion of right side almost impossible.


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