Homeopathic Medicine :: SULPHUR

1. – Black comedones on the face.

2. – Great thirst, little appetite.

3. – Empty, gone, faint feeling in stomach about 11 a.m.

4. – Diarrhoea some hours after midnight, or driven out of bed early in the morning.

5. – Both the flow of urine and discharge of feces are painful to the parts over which they pass.

6. – Burning in the vagina; is scarcely able to keep still.

7. – Attacks of suffocation, especially at night in bed wants doors and windows open.

8. – Weakness in chest in evening when lying down.

9. – Unsteady gait, tremor of hands.

10. – Standing in the most disagreeable position.

11. – Does not walk erect; stoops or bends in walking or sitting.

12. – Child dislikes to be washed or bathed.

13. – Heat in soles of feet, or cold feet and burning soles. wants to find a cool place for them, or puts them out of bed.

14. – Cramps in calves of legs, or soles of feet, principally at night

15. – Hot flashes, with spells of faintness, or passing off with a little moisture and faintness or debility.

16. – Voluptuous Itching and tingling, burning and soreness from scratching.

17. – Irresistible drowsiness in daytime, and wakefulness the whole night.

18. – As an intercurrent remedy, when carefully selected remedies fall to produce a favourable effect.


(SEVEN-HUNDRED RED LINE SYMPTOMS from COWPERTHWAITE’S MATERIA MEDICA ; Written by Class of 1897 of Chicago Homoeopathic Medical ; Rewritten by J. W. Hutchison, M. D. of Saginaw, Mich.)


Homeopathic Medicine :: SULPHUR
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