Ulceration of Cervix – Suppressed Menstruation – Sulphur

E G., aged about 30 years. Has been an invalid for years, under the care of an allopathic gynecologist, who treated her for ulceration of the cervix. He had succeeded in healing the ulcers by local cauterizations, etc., but the canal had become so narrow that for a year he had been obliged to introduce a catheter to draw off the menstrual fluid. Finally it became so closed that he could not introduce the instrument at all.

Then the patient passed another year having great pain and fullness in the uterine region at every period, which confined her to the bed for days, but no appearance of the menses.

I was called to the case and prescribed Pulsatilla routinely.

Visited her when she was due the next month. Found her suffering as usual, and no relief in any way from the remedy.

Then I sat down and wrote out her case in toto.

I found a history decidedly scrofulous or psoric, and among a quite long list of symptoms the following :

Frequent flashes of heat all over the body followed by sweat and debility.
Much burning of the feet, has to put them out of bed.
Weak, faint spells, especially in the forenoon.
These with the psoric history decided the prescription.

I gave her Sulphur c. m. (Fincke), a powder, dry on the tongue, once a week (Sac. lac. in solution between), with a promise that I would come up the next time when she was due, and if she was no better would make an examination.

So when the time came I took my wife and went up prepared to do so.

Found the patient instead of upstairs in her bed as usual down in the parlor entertaining some lady friends who were calling.

She came out where we were, and I said, How about that examination ?

Oh, said she, I am so glad it is not necessary. I am menstruating perfectly easy, and feel so well.

She never failed afterward to menstruate regularly, and was restored to perfect health. (Nash.)

It will be observed that the symptoms leading to this wonderful cure were not local but general, thus verifying the truth of what Charles G. Raue used to say : “That the symptoms leading to the choice of the remedy sometimes lie entirely outside of those which go to make the pathology of the case.

Gonorrheal strictures have been cured the same way where the general symptoms correspond with the remedy. (N.)

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