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Indicated in scrofulous conditions, in persons of uncleanly habits, lank and stoop-shouldered, in affections resulting from suppression of an eruption; in those subject to venous congestion and disturbed portal circulation. Characterized by periodicity and relapses. General inertia, aggravation from standing, acridity of the discharges, tendency of the skin to ulcerate from slight injury and, in children, dislike of being washed, are reliable indications. Frequently used in acute diseases when the indicated remedy fails to act, under the belief that it ?clears up? the case or stimulates vital reaction. It holds to chronic diseases a relation similar to that of Aconite to acute affections.

Delusions; thinks he is rich; vile things, if he likes them, seem beautiful to him; thus, rags may seem to him beautiful garments.

Averse to physical or mental exertion; lazy, shiftless, selfish.

Child dislikes to be washed.

Feet cold, top of the head hot; feet cold during the day, burning hot at night.

Profuse, offensive sweating of single parts (armpits, between the legs).

Gone, empty feeling at the stomach at 11 a. m.

Milk disagrees.

Scalp dry; hair and skin harsh; hair falls out, dry, scaly eruption, with burning form scratching.

Neuralgia, periodical, every twenty-four hours form 12 to 1, increasing and decreasing gradually.

Headache, periodical, with heat on top of the head.

Lumbago, with sudden weakness in the back when getting up from a sitting posture.

Discharges (from nose, vagina, menstrual, urine etc.) irritate the parts with which they come in contact, causing itching, smarting, burning.

Constipation of large, hard, dry, knotty stools; painful; alternating with diarrhoea.

Constipation with ineffectual urging before and after stool, followed by severe aching and sticking pain in the rectum.

Diarrhoea; painless; drives hime out of bed with prolapsus ani and bleeding piles.

Redness and itching about the anus.

Chest feels heavy; can?t breathe; must have fresh air.

Morning cough with greenish, purulent, sweetish expectoration.

Skin dry, hot, burning, with itching, worse from the heat of the bed; covered with dry scales; every little scratch or hurt festers, excoriations, especially in the folds of the skin, hang-nails; nipples crack, smart and burn.

Menses delayed, scanty, painful, irritating; stop suddenly.

Worse when standing; from washing in cold water; from warmth of bed.

Better in warm, dry weather; from lying on right side; from drawing up the affected limb.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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