Homeopathic Medicine :: Nux Vomica – Poison Nut

Indicated in persons of nervous, irritable habit; thin, spare, preferably of sedentary life and subject to much mental strain; given to the use of stimulants; inclined to constipation and ready recourse to tonics, cathartics and patent medicines.

Irritable, sullen, fault-finding.

Sleepiness in the early evening; cannot keep awake.

Awakes at 3 a. m.; lies awake thinking of all sorts of things; after an hour, or two, drops to sleep again; in the morning he gets up feeling wretched and used up.

Dull, heavy headache, frontal, over the eyes in the occiput; with dizziness, soreness of the scalp, and feeling as though pressure against something would relieve.

Head feels distended and sore within; after a debauch.

Coryza; one nostril discharges, the other is stopped up; sometimes alternating; nose running during the day, stopped up at night; acrid discharge.

Tight, dry, hacking cough, at times with bloody expectoration.

Chilliness and shivering, with blueness of the nails; on being uncovered, yet he does not allow himself to be covered.

Dry heat of the body.

Lameness and bruised soreness in the small of the back; worse from lying down.

Backache, rheumatic, severe; when in bed, cannot turn without first getting into a sitting position.

Indigestion; sour stomach; weight and pain in stomach; sour and bitter eructations.

Ravenous hunger prior to an attack of indigestion.

Difficult belching of gas from the stomach.

Wants to vomit, but finds it difficult, even impossible.

Oppressed breathing, as from tightness around hypochondria.

Constipation from inefficient, spasmodic peristalsis.

Frequent and unsatisfactory attempts at stool; ?cannot get done.?

Constant uneasiness in the rectum.

Itching, blind haemorrhoids, painful, with ineffectual urging.

Alternate diarrhoea and constipation.

Menses irregular, dark, and labor-like pain and feeling as though the bowels wanted to move.

Heavy chill, with blue finger-nails.

Chilliness from slightest motion or uncovering.

Sour sweating on one side of the body.

Worse usually on right side; in chest on left; in the morning; from mental effort; from uncovering the body; in the open air; form excitement.

Better from a nap; if allowed to finish it; from being dressed warmly; from lying still; from getting warm; in bed.

(First Lessons in the Symptomatology of Leading Homoeopathic Remedies by H. R. Arndt, M. D. Philadephia. Boericke and Tafel.)

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