A unique aspect of Nux vomica personality

You may find across this picture in some patient at your clinic – A patient who has wandering, senseless, abundant, insane thoughts and ideas in evening in bed, like sudden desire to throw child into fire, killing with a knife, etc.; who has a habit of making slanderous statements about others – engaged in defamation orally – injurious, malicious statements about someone.

And, who is finding himself/herself unable to decide responsibly; who becomes irritable when questioned, or when forced to answer becomes angry.

This patient may have a habit of talking meaninglessly or weeping in sleep. She/He may have a sense of anxiety or sadness esp. after eating. The patient may reveal that he/she is having confusion or difficulty while calculating.

This mental picture reveals that this is Nux vomica.

Followings are rubrics from Kent’s Repertory – Mind section, where you will find Nux vomica a unique remedy for these rubrics:

Mind; ROVING about; senseless, insane (8) **: nux-v., bell., canth., coff., hyos., sabad.
Mind; IDEAS; abundant; evening; bed, in (14) ***: Nux-v., calc., lyc., puls., agar., bry.
Mind; KILL, desire to; sudden impulse to; throw child into fire (3) **: nux-v., lyss., thea.
Mind; FEAR; killing, of; with a knife (3) **: nux-v., ars., der.

Mind; SLANDER, disposition to (12) **: nux-v., am-c., anac., bell., bor., hyos.
Mind; INDISCRETION (Reveals secrets)(Talking; reveals secrets) (13) **: nux-v., acon., bry., calad., camph., caps.

Mind; IRRITABILITY; questioned, when (9) ***: Nux-v., arn., cham., ph-ac., apis, coloc.
Mind; ANGER; answer, when obliged to (6) ***: Nux-v., arn., ph-ac., coloc., nat-m., puls.

Mind; SPEECH; prattling; in sleep (1) **: nux-v.
Mind; WEEPING; night; sleep, in (11) **: nux-v., alum., carb-an., caust., cham., con.

Mind; ANXIETY; eating; after (36) ***: Nux-v., ambr., arg-n., carb-v., caust., coc-c.
Mind; SADNESS; eating; after (22) ***: Nux-v., anac., ars., chin., cinnb., nat-c.

Mind; CONCENTRATION; difficult; calculating, while (1) ***: Nux-v.
Mind; CONFUSION; calculating, when (2) **: nux-v., nat-m.

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